Evo Upright Arcade Cabinet – Own a Top of the Range Videogames Arcade Machine

The top of the range Evo arcade machines usher in a new dawn for high-end arcade machines. This upright arcade games machine represents the best videogames machine available anywhere in the world. 

The Evo cabinets are the arcade machines of the future – today. It combines all of your retro arcade memories with the amazing power of next generation gameplay.Launched in 2010, the Evo is now widely considered to be the king of all upright home arcade cabinets. With a retro style, this stunning videogames machine fits seamlessly into any environment.Comprising of only the highest spec components, the Evo delivers incredible quality gaming through its imposing 28” widescreen high definition (over 1080p) TFT screen. The vast 2-player control panel has been purposefully designed to be at the most comfortable angle and position for true arcade gamers. This allows the greatest playability currently available in any home arcade cabinet for sale anywhere in the world.

A world first in arcade machine technology, we are the only company to offer full PS3 / XBOX 360 compatibility. Our clients can now connect their next-gen console to play all the latest arcade-based console titles via the screen AND CONTROLS. With a full 8 button setup plus start and select (just like PS3 and XBOX 360 controllers) for both players; you can set your controls exactly as you wish.

As with all of our home arcade machines, you can choose between 3 different versions (see “different editions explained” below).

The Evo is very easy to use. Simply press the chrome on / off switch and it loads directly into the game selection menu. Once there, clients can choose to play one of the 800 retro arcade games which come as standard. The Evo Media and top of the range Evo Elite have been configured to load any emulator, extra games or even educational packages you desire. The Evo Elite can even play all the next-gen PC titles!

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Different Editions Explained:All of our arcade machinescome in 3 versions. They look, feel and play exactly the same. Although to suit our clients’ needs – some do far more than others.

Our entry level Evo – simply designed to play arcade games.

An arcade games machine where you can add your own games and even emulators! With an i3 dual core PC, a range of multimedia functions are at your fingertips. PS3/360 compatibility is a great extra that’s available to you.

Our biggest and best machine. This behemoth comes packed with all the best components on the market such as BOSE speakers, Quad Core i7 processor, GTX graphics card and a Blu-Ray drive. It also comes with PS3 compatibility as standard – simply plug and play. This really is the cutting edge of modern arcade gaming!

All of our products come with a full 12 month warranty with the first 3 months on site. For further details, see our FAQs section.

As a bespoke manufacturer, we can customize almost any element of the Evo. Have a look at our options section for further information.

Evo Arcade Machine Range Specification

Evo Play Arcade Machine Evo Media Arcade Machine Evo Elite Arcade Machine

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