Street Fighter

Street Fighter (1987)

The first game in the Street Fighter series – Street Fighter – was not as many would expect from the huge reception to the game in modern times as it was not as popular as the sequels, especially Street Fighter II.

Street Fighter arcade

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Xbox 360

Microsoft’s Xbox 360 was their successor to the Xbox console and it competed against the PS3 and Wii. Unveiled on MTV in 2005, the console was already expected to be a huge success, which it ultimately was.

xbox 360 console microsoft

Xbox 360 console

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Nintendo’s Wii first came onto the scene in 2006, and took the world by storm. With its modern controllers, the public were experiencing gaming in a whole new way. The console competed against two other giants – the PlayStation 3 and the Xbox 360 – and outperformed both. Though this is debated whether this is down to the broader target demographic or its ‘gimmicky’ nature.

nintendo wii

Wii Console

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PlayStation 2

The PlayStation 2 is one of the biggest-selling consoles of all time. Successor to the ever-popular PlayStation, the console features full backwards compatibility and sold more than 155 million units in its 13-year lifespan. The console initially rivalled Sega’s Dreamcast, however, after the decline of the company the PS2 competed with the Xbox and Game Cube. In fact, there was a 6 month period where the PS2 was the only console around on the gaming market!


PlayStation 2 Console

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Nintendo’s GameCube was released in 2001 and competed with the likes of Sony’s PlayStation 2 and Microsoft’s Xbox. Succeeding the N64, the famed console did not outsell it.

nintendo game cube

The Nintendo Game Cube

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Nintendo Switch: The Reviews

Finally, the wait is over for Nintendo fans across the world as the Nintendo Switch is released this Friday. Although guaranteed many sales from dedicated Nintendo ‘Fan-Boys’ and ‘Fan-Girls’, the console (or tablet) has been met by mixed reviews and sceptics for the future of the Switch and Nintendo themselves. So ahead of launch, we’ve been looking at what the critics have been saying and if it’s worth snatching up the last few consoles on pre-order sites…

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Karate Champ and Kung Fu Master

Karate Champ (1984)

Data East’s Karate Champ is praised for being the game that both established and popularised the one-on-one fighting genre, which had reached heights by the early 90s. Additionally, it had further used the ‘best of three matches’ format and training bonus stages that could also be found in later games within the genre. The cabinet had a dual-joystick mechanic and showed some early signs of speech synthesis within the game, with phrases such as ‘Fight’ and ‘Winner’ being included. Furthermore, a second game was brought out later in 1984 titled ‘Karate Champ: Player vs Player’, which was a two player version of the original game.

karate champ arcade game

Karate Champ | Source: YouTube

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