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Game Time 60 Tabletop Arcade Machine

Featuring 60 of the most famous arcade games, the Game Time 60 tabletop arcade cabinet has them all including Pac-Man, Space Invaders and many more...

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£ 995.00

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-£ 504.00

£ 1,499.00

Arcade Machine Type: Sitdown, Cocktail, Tabletop, Multigame

Number Of Games: 60

Games Type: 70's + 80's classics


Take a look at the games list below and you'll see the full range of household-name arcade games. From Space Invaders - the game that caused a coin shortage in Japan - to the pellet pounding Pac-Man, all the big titles are here for you to enjoy.

The cream of classic arcade games...

Never before have you seen such a stellar collection of arcade games all on one amazing arcade cabinet! Run away from the ghosts in Pac-Man, play chicken with transport  in Frogger or save the missus from the incredibly cheerful Kong in Donkey Kong.


Pac Man




Donkey Kong

Donkey Kong


Save the human race in the classic shooter Galaxian, fight against an entire war's worth of aviation in 1942 or get hypnotised by the "dum-dum dum-dum" and monochrome splendour of Space Invaders.






Space Invaders

Space Invaders


Shoot in all directions in the Wild West with Gunsmoke, root around in the world of Dig Dug or maybe you feel like doing some bug bashing in Centipede or Millipede. Every game on this machine was and is a surefire hit, packed full of fond memories for all who enjoy playing classic arcade games.








Games List

Ms Pacman Arkanoid Galaga Qix Frogger Juno Frist
Donkey Kong Xevious Donkey Kong Junior Mr. Do’s Castle Donkey Kong 3 Moon Cresta
Galaxian Pinball Action Dig Dug Scramble Crush Roller Super Pacman
Mr. Do Bomb Jack Space Invaders Shao-Lin`s Road Pacman King & Balloon
Galaga 3 1943 Gyruss Van-Van Car Tank Battalion Pacman Plus
1942 Dig Dug 2 Ladybug Amidar Burger Time Zaxxon
Mappy Pooyan Centipede Pleiads Millipede Gun.Smoke
JR Pacman The End Pengo 1943 Kai Phoenix Congo Bongo
Time Pilot Jumping Jack Super Cobra Ms. Pacman Hustler Galaga
Space Panic Pacman Super Breakout Tr. Pacman New Rally X Pacman Plus



Amazing quality brand new UK-made cabinet at an exceptional price...

The Game Time 60 tabletop arcade machine looks terrific with its stunning build quality, chrome edging and stylish black finish. All Game Time cabinets are beautifully designed and professionally hand manufactured to the highest of standards in the UK.  This brand new arcade cabinet is also extremely robust and rammed full of retro favourites to provide years of fun whether at home, in a games room or at a venue.


The most reliable budget-conscious arcade machines available anywhere...

All Game Time 60 sitdown arcade machines have steadfast reliability and are backed by a full 12 month warranty with unlimited telephone support with all orders. All Game Time purchases also include free UK pallet delivery with available options for overseas delivery or 2-man upstairs/downstairs installation.


So easy to use that you just plug-and-play...

The Game Time 60 cocktail arcade cabinet is very easy to use: simply plug and play then use the joystick to scroll through the list of games using the 1-pl or 2-pl button to start. This machine has a very easy to navigate game selection menu making it a must have for everyone who loved the classic retro arcade games in their heyday.


Superb quality large gaming screen with great sound provides years of gaming fun...

The Game Time 60 arcade cabinets feature a large 19” wideview LCD screen allowing for great gaming and unrivalled reliability. The Game Time range also has top quality stereo sound installed as standard to help bring those memories flooding back.


Full 2-player gaming with arcade joysticks and a choice of buttons including illuminated...

The Game Time 60 sit-down arcade machines have full 2-player gaming with auto-flip on most of the games.  The arcade joysticks and buttons in your choice of white, black, red or blue give you a truly authentic arcade experience. You can even upgrade to illuminated buttons in white, blue or red if you would like your machine to stand-out even more than it does already!


3 Button Control Panel Illuminated 3 Button Control Panel


Only the best toughened glass will do for these beauties...

The Game Time 60 tabletop arcade machines are kitted out with only the highest quality, precision-cut toughened glass as standard.  Whilst giving full protection for your cabinet, it provides you with the perfect surface on which to keep your beer! ;)


Choose to have simple elegant black/white finish or add graphics for an upgrade...

You can choose to keep the machine elegant in black/white or to have additional graphics under the top and/or on the front and back if you want to go for a more colourful feel. We can do almost any custom design for your graphics so please don’t hesitate to ask.


Coin door can be installed for added authenticity...

You can even choose to have a coin door installed if you have a business or just want to charge your mates to have a go! Whether you want just a single coin or multi-coin option, anything is possible...

Coin Door


Years down memory lane with these superb arcade machines...

The Game Time 60 sit-down arcade cab gives you back all those retro memories, providing endless hours of fun and enjoyment on one perfect arcade machine for your home, business or venue.


Game Time 60 Tabletop Arcade Machine features:Game Time 60 in 1 Cocktail Machine

• 60 legendary arcade games all in one

• All brand new machines made in the UK

• Ideally sized cabinet – fits almost anywhere

• Easy to use – just plug and play away

• Great gaming menu to select games

• High scores saved to keep challenge ongoing

• Tamper proof design with toughened glass

• Fantastic range of custom artwork available

• Arcade buttons and joysticks for 2pl action

• Excellent full arcade speaker sound

• Put your name/logo in the custom graphic

• Choose from arcade button colours as available

• Choose to have a coin door installed for authenticity

• Mon-Fri 9am-5pm unlimited technical support

• Free mainland UK pallet delivery included



Warranty :

12 Month Back-To-Base Warranty

Width :

90 cm / 35 inches

Height :

68 cm / 27 inches

Depth :

61 cm / 24 inches

Weight :

65 kg / 143 lbs


All the Bespoke Arcades products come with a full 12 month warranty, with the first 3 months on site in the unlikely event that a problem develops. Thanks to this, you can rest assured that you will be enjoying your new arcade machine for many years to come.

Every Game Time machine is backed by a 12 month back-to-base warranty with parts and labour included. All games are included as free with this system. Any coin mechanism provided is to be used at the customer's discretion.


Delivery is usually within 4-6 weeks from order. These machines are currently on promo. With pallet delivery, we advise to have at least 2 able-bodied people to unpack and position cabinet at your location when receiving delivery. Overseas or 2-man delivery is available for an additional charge.

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Game Time 60 Tabletop Arcade Machine

Game Time 60 Tabletop Arcade Machine

Featuring 60 of the most famous arcade games, the Game Time 60 tabletop arcade cabinet has them all including Pac-Man, Space Invaders and many more...

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