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Having tested the complete range of arcade joysticks, for our standard set-up we decided upon the world-renowned Happ Controls Competition joystick. This feels by far and away the most authentic – even better than you remember! We can also supply/install a range of other Happ Joysticks in a variety of colours including those with 360° rotation. For those that prefer a ball-top, Japanese-style arcade joystick we can modify any of our control panels to accommodate both Sanwa and Seimitsu joysticks. The most renowned is the classic Sanwa joystick that has featured in a variety of fighting machines and comes with a wide choice of ball-top colours. We also stock a range of special edition joysticks that add something really unique to your arcade cabinet. Our current range includes our specialist aluminium chrome joysticks in black or chrome that are a must for all true gamers out there.


Suzo-Happ Competition

Perhaps the most familiar joystick from our youth. This versatile joystick was used in most of the UK’s arcade machines and is a very trusty all-rounder which copes well with most genres of game. Perhaps the best solution if you wanted to opt for a joystick solution which plays great for your 80’s or 90’s classics, copes well with fighting games and is good on 4-way classic games (if you’re not including a 4-way solution in your setup).


This trusty solution is the fighting game professional’s joystick of choice. Extremely sensitive and is designed for quick movements. If you’re a fan of the one-on-one fighters or fast-paced shoot-em-ups then this is the joystick of choice for you. In a nutshell- great for fighters, late shooters but not the ideal solution if early 80’s games are your forte. However we do offer great alternatives which cater for both styles of game.

2-4-8 Way Switch

This is a new option we use if you must have your joystick of choice but at the press of a button- can restrict the inputs so no unwanted movements register. For example: if 4 way mode is active then no diagonals will register- prompting you to go the wrong way. A great solution.

4-8 Way Switch

This mechanically switchable joystick allows the player to easily switch the joystick between 4 and 8 way modes. Simply pull the handle up and twist to allow the restrictor underneath to toggle between the 2 modes. This is a great choice if you want to physically have a 4 or 8 way joystick which feels like the real thing. In 4 way you can only move up,down,left and right, in 8 you can move into the diagonals. Fantastic for your 80’s and 90’s classics, perfectly good for shooters however if versus fighting games are your favourites then they are a tad too stiff to excel in this regard.

Auto Switch

Now we’re reaching the next generation of arcade joysticks. At the push of the button this modern marvel activates the joysticks’ servos to physically rotate the mechanism underneath into either 4 or 8 way modes. It feels far lighter than the manually switching joysticks and is right at home with all genres of arcade game. It feels as good as a Sanwa for fighters and feels as good as an original 4 way joystick from the early 80’s. This is definitely the most versatile stick we provide for traditional arcade gaming.


This is perhaps the most sophisticated joystick in our fleet. This is a joystick which is infinitely sensitive, allowing the user to play more modern games. While it feels similar to our alternative joystick options- it can also act as an analogue stick, similar to the thumb sticks on a more modern joypad. So imagine playing a more modern game or Out Run, with one of these at your fingertips- you will be able to turn slightly or fully, its up to you. This would be the option of choice if you wanted to experience more games with an analogue control system or if you wanted to play modern PC games via your arcade control panel. A excellent choice of stick

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Happ Convex

The best all round solution if you want straightforward trusty buttons for your arcade machine. These buttons were used for most of the classic arcade games we hold dear. If you want a control panel which feels exactly like the arcade games of your youth, then these buttons are for you.

Sanwa 30mm

Like the Sanwa sticks, these are for the more modern fighting games thanks to the short travel distance to press a button, but work extremely well for the older titles with no discernible disadvantages.



This is a popular solution of you want to add some wow-factor to your arcade machine. We offer a variety of colours to suit all tastes. Running modern LED technology, these lights are made to last. With a feel similar to Happ buttons, they’re a solid alternative.

Full RGB

These buttons are the choice of connoisseurs. Featuring a perfectly diffused RGB LED in each milky white button and a dedicated LED controller controlling each separate terminal- the sky is the limit. Have an endless cycle of colours stream through your control panel, or have a more functional layout depending on game or emulator- this is the next generation of arcade buttons.

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