The world’s best custom arcade machines​ – fully bespoke to your wants and needs!

All our arcade machines can be customised to include all your favourite retro arcade games; including classics from the likes of SEGA, CAPCOM and ATARI.
Whether you’re looking for classic games such as Pac-Man®, Space Invaders® or Streetfighter® played on either stand-up or sit-at cabinets, you’ll find it within our collection of UK arcade machines.

Our team are arcade machines experts and will be able to advise you on the perfect machine, no matter if you prefer a brand new arcade machine to play all the latest games or a classic arcade machine for all the old school arcade games.

All of our custom arcade cabinets are available in 3 different editions: Play, Media or Elite.

All multi-game arcade machines have access to over 10,000 classic games with the option to add more.

Whilst they look, feel and play the same, some can do far more than others.

Play Editions

  • Entry Level Edition
  • Simply Play the classics
  • 2 USB ports included
  • Add Games/Emulators
  • Run over 10000 Games

Media Editions

  • Multimedia Edition
  • Many Extra Features
  • i3 PC with 4 USB Ports
  • Add Hyperspin/Games
  • Run over 25000 Games

Elite Editions

  • Top-of-the-Range
  • Loads of Great Extras
  • i7 PC with 4 USB Ports
  • Add Hyperspin/Games
  • Run over 50000 Games