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All of our Bespoke Arcades arcade machines are beautifully hand crafted at our UK workshop and can be fully customised furthermore with a range of options / upgrades to create in essence the multi game arcade cabinet of your dreams. Our flagship products allow you to play 1000s of retro arcade as well as console games at the touch of a button. Above all, our team are experts who can advise you on the perfect arcade cabinet for your needs, whether you would prefer a modern multi game arcade cabinet to play all the latest games or one of our classic multi game arcade cabinets for all the old school arcade games. Please contact us here for any advice / assistance.

We produce 4 luxury arcade machines, all regularly updated with the latest specs…

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Apex Multigame Arcade Cabinet Information

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Evo Custom Arcade Cabinet with specification

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All of our custom arcade cabinets are available in 3 different editions: Play, Media or Elite.

Our multi-game arcades have access to over 10,000 classic games with the option to add more.

Whilst they look, feel and play the same, consequently some can do far more than others.

Play Editions

  • Entry Level Edition
  • Simply Play the classics
  • 2 USB ports included
  • Add Games/Emulators
  • Run over 10000 Games

Media Editions

  • Multimedia Edition
  • Many Extra Features
  • i3 PC with 4 USB Ports
  • Add Hyperspin/Games
  • Play over 25000 Games

Elite Editions

  • Top-of-the-Range
  • Loads of Great Extras
  • i7 PC with 4 USB Ports
  • Add Hyperspin/Games
  • Run over 50000 Games

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 Anything you desire

In essence, all our multi-game arcades can be customised to play additional games dating back to the arcade and older console eras. Hence our custom game selection menus can be effortlessly updated to run any of your favourite arcade games.

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Mortal Kombat 9 Evo

Used by the key players

Consequently many current video game publishers use our superb cabinets to showcase their latest games. For instance Capcom demonstrates games like Capcom Arcade Cabinet and Capcom Home Arcade with our arcades. Warner Bros singularly used our machines to promote Injustice 1,2 and Mortal Kombat 9, 10 and 11.

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Evo with Capcom Branding

Retro Cloud™

All our Bespoke Arcades multi game arcade machines come coupled with our Retro Cloud software pre-installed. First of all- turn on your full size retro multi game arcade cabinet,  ordinarily you would choose your network and usually enter your wifi password. As a result of our bespoke software you will now have access to a full library of games seamlessly streaming from the internet. To sum up- it’s as simple as that. 

On top of the 15 years experience satisfying customers and companies alike, this is the icing on the cake. In brief- this software has been made from the ground up, tailor made for our own multi game arcade machines and beyond, is lightning quick and looks great. A single Retro Cloud licence comes together with all Bespoke Arcades products making these machines firmly the most versatile arcade machines for sale.

The Apex 

is our high-quality, compact stand-up arcade games machine with a square format 20” HD screen for all who particularly prefer the more classic style. Moreover with its elegant and slim-line design (it measures a mere 56cm in width and 65cm in depth), out of all our arcade cabinets for sale- the Apex is in essence the most unobtrusive design so fits elegantly into any desired space. 

Markedly the Apex control panel is designed at an angle and position to especially ensure maximum comfort and playability while gaming especially for log periods of time. Moreover with its sleek looks, the Apex is subsequently recognised as being by far the best.  It is a classically styled stand-up multi game arcade cabinet for sale on the planet favourited by many retro arcade cabinet enthusiasts. In conclusion, to date the Apex has in particular received significant accolades. For instance it was voted No 1 in a Gadget Show group test and subsequently received the T3 award for the  Arcade Machine category.

Apex Multi game Arcade Cabinet Information

synergy details

The Synergy

multi game arcade cabinet in essence is our original multi game cocktail arcade table with a 20” HD screen. For this purpose considered perfect for those who prefer the classic tabletop design. Correspondingly this superb high-quality multi game arcade cabinet has a timeless “tabletop” design which as a result remains ever popular. However with a modern twist. 

In other words the Synergy is by far the best available arcade machine for sale to feature simultaneously both vertical and horizontal 2-player controls. Chiefly allowing you to play the more classic arcade games end-to-end as well as modern arcade titles side by side. 

Furthermore with a truly exquisite design, the Synergy plays as good as it looks and will fit perfectly into any games room or alternative location. Expertly hand built to order, this machine is the best known of all the multi game arcade cabinets that we produce having widely featured across media worldwide.

The Evo

featuring a 28” widescreen HD screen, our Evo arcade machine is our incredible larger stand-up multi game arcade cabinet, chiefly made for anybody seeking the ultimate standing arcade experience. To put it short the Evo is widely regarded as the best home arcade machine in the world. As an example were used by Warner Bros for the launch of MK9 and Capcom at various events. Ushering in a new era of arcade gaming, in short the Evo is at the forefront of technology and style. 

While the Evo is generally speaking perfect for classic retro gaming; it has many singularly unique upgrades, allowing it to cater to the more modern gaming needs. For instance our cabinets can connect your latest console to the Evo (PS3, 360 as well as PS4/XBOX ONE); simultaneously enabling you to play all your favourite next-gen arcade titles in their pure form via the screen AND controls. A Bespoke Arcades Evo is the pinnacle in upright multi game arcade cabinets.

Evo Arcade Cabinet with information

nu-gen arcade machine info

The Nu-Gen

arcade machine is in brief the latest addition to the Bespoke Arcades family. Our exceptionally designed next generation high-quality Japanese-style sit-at multi game arcade cabinet comes with a 32” widescreen HD screen and especially caters to those pursuing the newest style multi game arcade cabinet. As an illustration of its particular pedigree, they have been hammered when used by Warner Bros and Sony for the launch and tournament play of Injustice: Gods Among Us 1 and 2.

These terrific arcade cabinets have been taking the arcade gaming world by storm. Whether it is for instance retro or modern gaming that you desire, the Nu-Gen multi game arcade cabinet above all has no boundaries. Our Nu-Gen has that beyond WOW factor including no expense spared on its design, with attention to seamless curves that make it so appealing to all arcade aficionados. The Nu-Gen above all sets the standards in modern arcade machines, and likewise the plethora of customisation options allow you to design multi game arcade cabinets for any occasion. 

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