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Our large stand-up arcade cabinet

Our top of the range Evo arcade cabinet has ushered in a new dawn for high-end arcade machines. This superb upright arcade games machine represents the best stand-up games machine available anywhere in the world. With a modern retro style, this stunning arcade fits seamlessly into any environment.

The full size Evo arcade cabinet benefits from a huge 28” widescreen high definition arcade screen with only high-end branded components to give you superb quality gaming, and overall, is the real pinnacle in home arcade machines. The huge fully 2-player control panel has been purposefully set to be at the most comfortable angle and position for true arcade gamers.

More gaming than you can handle

The Evo arcade cabinet comes with access to over 10000 golden age classic game titles and can combine all of your retro arcade memories with the amazing power of next generation game play. The option of adding 1000’s of extra games gives you the greatest playability currently available in any home arcade machine. The Evo arcade machine is also perfect for next-gen console compatibility allowing you access to many modern titles from all the latest consoles.

Our Evo arcade machines come in 3 different formats to choose from depending on your needs and wants: Evo Play, Evo Media and Evo Elite.

The Evo arcade is the best regarded large-screen retro modern stand-up top arcade cabinet available giving you superb quality gaming in the finest of style. Now widely considered the king of all home arcades, the Evo has been used by the best games companies such as Capcom and Warner Bros for the launch of Mortal Kombat 9. Just take a look here.

Mortal Kombat Evo Arcade Cabinet
Black Evo Arcade Machine
Black Evo Arcade Machine with Blue Marquee

Height 174cm

Width 70.5cm

Depth 79cm

Weight 120kg

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evo arcade cabinet video clip


evo arcade cabinet clip


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Evo Play

Our classic stand-up arcade
£ 2595
  • Just Play All Your Retro Games
  • Add Extra Games + Emulators
  • With 2 USB Ports As Standard
  • Adjust All Your Arcade Settings
  • Possible To Run Over 10,000 Games
Best Value

Evo Media

Fantastic gaming
£ 3395
  • True Retro Gaming Media Centre
  • More Powerful Arcade System
  • i3 PC, 2TB HD with 4 x USB Ports
  • Add Hyperspin/Games/Emulators
  • Possible To Run Over 25000 Games

Evo Elite

The best of the bes
£ 4795
  • Elite Retro Gaming Media Center
  • Most Powerful Arcade System
  • i7 PC, GTX Graphics + 4 x USB Ports
  • Add Hyperspin + Games/Emulators
  • Possible To Run Over 50000 Games

We sometimes have a refurbished Evo arcades from £2000 – please see our store for details

More info on the Evo

Recognised by heads of industry as by far and away the best large widescreen stand-up arcades ever made, the Evo has featured in many magazines and on many great TV programmes such as the Gadget Show. All Evo arcade machines also benefit from a great speaker system delivering crisp sound along with great bass with the volume adjustable via the wired remote on the back of the cabinet. All of our games machines come with a full 12 month warranty. For all the answers, check out our FAQs section.

evo arcade cabinet in situ

All Evo arcade machines are made to order by hand in the UK and are fully customisable so you can go all out to design the cabinet of your dreams. Whilst the Evo really looks the part, it’s also very easy to use – plug and play, loading directly into the game selection menu with a one pushbutton on/off switch. All of you who have the privilege of owning the Evo can enjoy the pleasure of reliving all your favourite arcade and console games in the way that you remember, on probably the greatest arcade machine known to man.

noel clarke with our evo arcade machine

Our Evo first launched in 2011 to be the first multi game arcade machine to fully take advantage of the then next-gen console gaming’s popular arcade titles. The Evo arcade cabinet has since been continually optimised since for high quality unsurpassed retro gaming. Any games console can be plugged into your Evo along with option compatibility for ALL next generation consoles. This makes an Evo an awesome (dare we say vital) addition to any games room.

Way back in 2011, Warner Bros used our Evo for Mortal Kombat 9. We have since been used for every MK and Injustice game along with many other titles such as Capcom Arcade CabinetYooka Laylee and Rugby ’18.

The legacy Bespoke Arcades has with Capcom continued years later with the launch of Capcom Home Arcade. We were bestowed the honour of putting their finely tuned hardware into some of our Evo units. We saw first hand the passion Ben and Mark from Koch Media had for the project (as did we). The custom emulator (a tuned version of Final Burn) was a treat to play and those classic arcade games had the truest arcade experience possible thanks to our Evo gaming cabinets. Whether it’s Donkey Kong, Space Invaders, Pac Man or some Street Fighter V, the Evo can play it all

A Custom Evo Has Even Been To The Movies

Rampage custom arcade machine

Our Evo arcade cabinet has indeed mingled with the stars of Hollywood and has been used for the remake of Rampage starring Dwayne Johnson.

He even tweeted about it… This custom Evo arcade machine ran the original Rampage 3 Player arcade game. Take a look at the blog here.

It was designed to nod towards the original whilst being a modern design.

We have also had the pleasure to make arcade machines for Pixels, X-Men Dark Phoenix to name but a few.

Introducing the Ultra Social 4 Player Upgrade

For the party animals among us we also have the 4 player upgrade available. This will expand the control panel of your Evo enough to house 4 players comfortably.

There are so many classic games best played in the company of friends. A 4-Player Bespoke Arcades Evo will fulfil those dreams.

We can even help you set up your authentic controllers via the USB port for the extra authenticity 😉

For all our Media and Elite clients we can provide an HDMI output so you can plug your Hi Def TV into your Evo arcade cabinet. Get ready for some sofa-bound multiplayer mayhem!