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Welcome to the next generation of arcade machines – our Nu-Gen arcade video games machine features the perfect balance between modern arcade aesthetics and hardcore hardware. This amazing new arcade machine is as versatile as its brothers and features a superb design without compromise. Quite simply, there is no other arcade game machine on the market that looks or plays like the Nu-Gen. It will certainly add a real WOW factor to your home, office or games room.

The Nu-Gen video games machine has a huge 32” HD widescreen giving you amazing quality gaming – the true pinnacle in home arcade machines. The huge 2-player control panel gives you full 2-player gaming to provide the greatest playability currently available in any custom arcade machine. From full graphics applied to your video games machine in any design that you choose to specialist finish upgrades such as any colour or high-gloss to full pearlescent hand finish anything is possible.

As with all our arcade machines, the Nu-Gen comes with access to over 10000 classic games from yesteryear although 1000’s more can easily be added. This modern style arcade cabinet has been created to play any arcade or console game through all the ages. The Nu-Gen’s ultra-modern style suits any arcade or game title from the retro-past, present or future with the latest console compatibility to suit.

Our Nu-Gen video games machine come in 3 different formats to choose from depending on your needs and wants: Nu-Gen Play, Nu-Gen Media and Nu-Gen Elite.

The Nu-Gen arcade machine is the no 1 modern Japanese-style sit-at arcade machine available that allows you superb quality arcade gaming in the finest of style. Years have been invested tweaking and refining the design in order to provide a show-stopping masterpiece which has already been used by genre-defining titles such as Warner Bros Injustice: Gods Among Us.

injustice nu-gen arcade machine
nu-gen arcade machine in black and white
nu-gen arcade machine with red marquee graphic

Height 155cm

Width 96cm

Depth 80cm

Weight 120kg

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Nu-Gen Play

Our classic stand-up arcade machine
£ 3795
  • Just Play All Your Retro Games
  • Add Extra Games + Emulators
  • With 2 USB Ports As Standard
  • Adjust All Your Arcade Settings
  • Possible To Run Over 10,000 Games
Best Value

Nu-Gen Media

Fantastic Gaming
£ 4495
  • True Retro Gaming Media Centre
  • More Powerful Arcade System
  • i3 PC, 2TB HD with 4 x USB Ports
  • Add Hyperspin/Games/Emulators
  • Possible To Run Over 25000 Games

Nu-Gen Elite

The best of the best
£ 5995
  • Elite Retro Gaming Media Center
  • Most Powerful Arcade System
  • i7 PC, GTX Graphics + 4 x USB Ports
  • Add Hyperspin + Games/Emulators
  • Possible To Run Over 50000 Games

We sometimes have refurbished Nu-Gen arcade cabs from £3000 – please see our store for details

More info on the Nu-Gen

The Nu-Gen video games machine is also the first home arcade machine to combine the wonderful memories of all your favourite arcade classics with the power and grit of next generation game play. All clients are given the option of connecting their next-gen console to their Nu-Gen system to play all next generation coin-op titles via the screen and joystick/buttons. The Nu-Gen’s unrivalled new console controls option has been specifically designed for the current/future generation of coin-op fighting games although all game titles can be played via the screen and your own PS/XBOX pad.

The Nu-Gen Elite video games machine is made by hand to order in the UK and is fully customisable so you can really design the arcade cabinet of your dreams. Whilst the Nu-Gen Elite really looks superb, it’s also extremely simple to use – just plug/play to watch it load directly into your game selection menu. Everything has been made as simple for you as possible. Those of you who are privileged enough to own the Nu-Gen Elite can enjoy the pleasure of taking a trip down memory lane with all your favourite arcade games, all on one of the finest arcade machines known to man.

nu-gen at a show

nu-gen at eurogamer