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Our classic tabletop arcade machine

Our Synergy arcade machine is by far and away the best regarded sit-down arcade cabinet available giving you superb quality tabletop gaming in the finest of style.  With sublime curves and a distinctly elegant timeless design, the Synergy is a luxury sit down arcade table that looks as good as it plays and is perfect for any setting. Adding one of these to your home, games room or office will completely transform your room with a superb slice of gaming nirvana.

Boasting a large 20″ square HD display, the Synergy is the finest tabletop arcade machine for sale in the UK which gives you both side-by-side and end-to-end authentic 2-player controls. This unique feature enables you to play all the classic arcade games the way that they were designed to be played. Face an opponent in games such as Pacman™ and Space Invaders®, or sit next to them for head-to-head action for games such as Street Fighter 2™.

When you buy one of these terrific Synergy arcade machines, you can look forward to playing a complete collection of arcade and retro console classics. With access to over 10000 of the best classic arcade games, the Synergy now comes with game loading functionality so it can be made to run 1000’s more classics from the arcade and older generation consoles.

Our Synergy arcade cabinets come in 3 different editions to select depending on what you like best: Synergy Play, Synergy Media or Synergy Elite.

All in all, the Synergy is an impeccably designed arcade cabinet that is totally addictive, completely user-friendly and can be fully customised both inside and out.

Synergy arcade cabinets
Synergy Arcade Machine in Black and White
Front facing Synergy Arcade Machine

Height 67.5cm

Width 86cm

Depth 68cm

Weight 80kg

A few videos to look at

Synergy Tabletop Cabinet Video Clip

Inside Xbox

Synergy Cabinet Video Clip

Gadget Show 2011

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Synergy Play

Our classic cocktail arcade machine
£ 1995
  • Just Play All Your Retro Games
  • Add Extra Games + Emulators
  • With 2 USB Ports As Standard
  • Adjust All Your Arcade Settings
  • Possible To Run Over 10,000 Games
Best Value

Synergy Media

Fantastic Gaming
£ 2595
  • True Retro Gaming Media Centre
  • More Powerful Arcade System
  • i3 PC, 2TB HD with 4 x USB Ports
  • Add Hyperspin/Games/Emulators
  • Possible To Run Over 25000 Games

Synergy Elite

The best of the best
£ 3995
  • Elite Retro Gaming Media Center
  • Most Powerful Arcade System
  • i7 PC, GTX Graphics + 4 x USB Ports
  • Add Hyperspin + Games/Emulators
  • Possible To Run Over 50000 Games

We sometimes have refurbished Synergy arcade cabs from £1500 – please see our store for details

More info on the Synergy

Our Synergy arcade table has received many great plaudits in the press including reviews by the likes of XBOX Live TV, Gadget Show and Stuff magazine amongst many others. The Synergy luxury arcade machine is a dream to play and is guaranteed to give you so much enjoyment for many years ahead. The Synergy also benefits from a top 2.1 speaker system which delivers perfect sound with great bass and adjustable volume via the wired remote on the front. All of our arcade games machines have a full 12 month warranty. For all answers you need, please see our FAQs section.

All Synergy arcade machines are made bespoke to order by hand in the UK and can be customised to your wishes so you can go all out to create the arcade cabinet of your dreams. Whilst the Synergy really looks great, it’s also very simple to use – plug and play, loading directly into your gaming menu with a one button on/off function.  All of you who are lucky enough to purchase the Synergy can take the pleasure of reliving your favourite arcade games in the way that they were meant to be played, on one of the finest tabletop arcade machines the world has ever seen.

Synergy Tabletop at Gadget Show 2010 Expo

Synergy Tabletop at Gadget Show Live Expo