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Month: October 2011

Come See Our Arcade Cabinets @ EGL Emirates

Hi GamersEuropean Gaming League

Just wanted to bring you some exciting news about yet another event which we have been asked to attend – namely the European Gaming League’s London Heat. This will take place 29th and 30th October at the Emirates Stadium (nearest tube Holloway). Our partners for this event will be our friends at Heaven Media and Replay Events Ltd.

This event is basically a competition for fighting game enthusiasts, featuring tournaments for Super StreetFighter 4 (SSF4), Mortal Kombat 9, Marvel vs Capcom 3 amongst others. More games will doubtlessly be added to the rosta in due course. All competitions cost £10 to enter with the winners scooping some incredible prizes.

We will be taking down one of each of our arcade machines which will all be running SSF4. Hopefully we can exact some revenge against StreetFighter World no1 Ryan Hart who thoroughly humiliated our MD Phil Patsias last time they played:

Here’s the video for those who missed it!

If and when we arrange some guest passes, we’ll let you know but until then…..


Come See Our Arcade Cabinets @ MCM

mcm expo feat bespoke arcades and gamespot UK
Hi Gamers!

We are very excited to announce that we have been asked by our good friends at Gamespot UK to bring some of our arcade cabinets to the upcoming MCM Expo. Having featured at the previous MCM Expo earlier this year, we jumped at the chance to return. What a crazy environment it was, and this installment promises more of the same. Whether you are into comics or not, there is heaps for everyone to enjoy and the atmosphere is simply bonkers!!

Running from 28th – 30th October at the ExCel Centre in the heart of London’s Docklands, this event is sure to sell out. We shall be taking down a pair of our top-of-the-range Evo arcade machines which will be running a beta version of next year’s release of StreetFighter X Tekken. This is made possible thanks to the Evo’s unique PS3 compatibility. The games will be free to play; this is the first chance gamers will have to try this highly-anticipated title!

We should also have at least one other arcade machine at the event which will be jam-packed with hundreds of classic arcade games for all you retro-gaming enthusiasts. Between these different machines, we feel that we have all bases covered! If you would like a free pair of tickets for what is sure to be an extremely memorable event, well then you know what to do by now; simply finish the sentence below and post your answer to our Facebook Page.

I want a free pair of tickets to this year’s MCM Expo because…..

There will be a pair of tickets waiting at the door for the winner. Good luck and as always….


New Marquee Artwork for Evo Arcade Machines

standard marquee artwork for the evo arcade machinemoody marquee artwork design for the evo arcade machine

Just a quick one to show you guys some of the designs we’ve done for the Evo arcade machine. We try to help clients to customize every aspect of the actual cabinet itself and we offer tons of options. One of our artists will help you to design the arcade machine of your dreams. Options at your disposal include different colour buttons and cabinets, trim, side art and marquee art to name but a few. These designs are for the marquee of the Evo. This is your choice as standard; all of these look great on a black Evo, although if you’d prefer something else we’d be happy to accomodate… anything you want to bring you HAPPY GAMING!!

hong kong marquee artwork for the evo arcade machinescloudy marquee artwork for an evo arcade machine

Come See Our Arcade Cabinets @ LITS


We are very excited to announce that we have been asked to exibit our arcade cabinets at the London International Technology Show (LITS) which is taking place between 21st and 23rd of October at the ExCel Centre in London’s Docklands. The event is described by LITS as being the “ultimate showcase for all that is great in the technology market”. It will be a fun and educational event for all levels of technology fans.

Attractions include several product launches, seminars with developers and journalists and exclusive previews of cutting edge technologies such as INTEL’s brand new wonderchip and Berkeley Bionics’ wearable exoskeleton robot which has to be seen to be believed.

Synergy Tabletop Arcade MachineBespoke Arcades will feature in the Heaven Media area where we shall have a few of our arcade machines running classic arcade games for all you gaming enthusiasts. We will be hosting this zone with our friends Heaven Media who organised the Gamezone at this year’s Gadget Show. There is already an extensive ad campaign with posters on buses and tubes which has the line: “play arcade games”…. THAT’S US!!

If you would like a free pair of tickets for what is sure to be an extremely memorable event, well then you know what to do by now; simply finish the sentence below and post your answer to our Facebook Page.

I want a free pair of tickets to this year’s LITS Expo because…..

The winner will have a pair of tickets waiting at the door for them; it’s that simple. Good Luck!

Bespoke Arcades at Eurogamer Expo 2011

Hi Guys!
Eurogamer Expo logo
It was a great (but gruelling) expo for the Bespoke Arcades team. Literally thousands of retrogamers flocked to our arcade machines and the surrounding wares of the sterling guys at Replay. We like to think the Retro Zone this year was the best ever. The guys at Inside Xbox’s “Sent U A Message” seem to share our sentiments (even better than E3 they say), take a peek below:

Click here for Eurogamer Expo 2011 Footage

eurogamer retro zoneAll the big players were at the show including “Batman Arkham City” and the new “Unchartered” on PS3 and Vita. The new Vita looks awesome with its dual analogue sticks and 5.3 inch AMOLED screen. Queues to play the demo of the new “Elder Scrolls – Skyrim” were only matched by Onlive who were giving away their starter pack for free!!! It does shock me how Onlive can provide lag-free 720p gaming from this wee box. Coupled with an outstanding user interface, its a great gaming solution.

Rage, Modern Warfare 3 and Battlefield 3 all looked phenomenal, even after 4/5 years of the 360 being out, graphics are still improving. MW3’s multiplayer looked dynamic and the new lighting effects added to the mayhem.

Let’s get back to our arcades…

The Eurogamer Expo was also the perfect time to road-test the new version of our in-house game selection menu. We are proud to say it performed flawlessly. All our games are fully automated with each title running at the click of a button and all without the use of a single emulator. We shall be blogging about our new-look version in due course to coincide with it’s official launch so watch this space and….