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Month: November 2012

Back to the Gadget Show Expo Christmas 2012!

Gadget Show 2011 Live - Game TimeWe are proud to announce that we are yet again at the Gadget Show Live at ExCeL London from Friday 30th November to 2nd December 2012, so if you missed us at Hyper Japan this gives you another chance to come and have a play around with our high quality arcade cabinets. We will be located just next to the Gaming section on stand H60, and will have our whole product range on display with great show promos for interested buyers.

The Gadget Show Live now happens twice a year, and this is the first one in London although we’ve been at the exhibition at the Birmingham NEC for the last few years. This year we are once again sharing a stand with our friends at Replay Events, so come on over to the retro area to have a go on some all time classics which is located in the central area of the exhibition hall.

The Gadget Show Live is all about the latest and greatest gadgets from many famous manufacturers. There are 3 main zones: Active, Toy and Game. These zones encompass sports and leisure, children’s toys and everything to do with gaming. At the show you can see the latest releases from the Nintendo, Xbox and Playstation brands. One of the notable items being showcased is the upcoming Wii U by Nintendo. There will also be demonstrations of the products with competitions to win prizes!

Gadget Show's Suzy hugging a Bespoke Arcades EvoWhy not try a hand at being a Gadget Show presenter at the Gadget Show studio? It should be a fun and interactive way for Gadget Show fans to get involved with the show. The Super Theatre is a new attraction that will be available at the Gadget Show Christmas Live; and features challenges, stunts and a prizes for the audience to win. The Super Theatre will run 3 times a day for all three days of the exhibition.

We will be available at our area from 9am to 7pm for all 3 days, so why not pop in and have a go on our machines and maybe even treat yourself to an amazing Christmas present! We will be clearly marked with Bespoke Arcades polo’s, so if you have any questions please just ask! Hope to see you at the Gadget Show and as ever…


Summer Exhibition Review

Eurogamer Colour LogoWe’ve been really busy at Bespoke Arcades this summer, and would like to offer our apologies for the lack of blog posts as we’ve been working hard to produce lots of high quality arcade machines including the XCOM Enemy Unknown machines that you may have seen about at the shows this summer! But now we’re back and rearing to go for Christmas with both Gadget Show Christmas and i47 this weekend! This summer we covered multiple major exhibitions including a Capcom event, Eurogamer Expo, I46 and Play Expo.

Over the summer, we loaned a few Evo arcade machines to Capcom to demonstrate their recent hit games Ultimate Marvel versus Capcom and Street Fighter x Tekken. Puma were holding the event in collaboration with Capcom at a Brick Lane bar during the Olympics. The event was a great success with an all round enjoyment of the combination of the fast paced games alongside the Sanwa joystick setup on our great arcade cabinets.

Bespoke Arcade Machines at Capcom EventWe were present at the Eurogamer Expo 2012 (27th to 30th September 2012) alongside Replay in the Retro Gaming section of the exhibition. The Eurogamer Expo 2012 was held at Earl’s Court, London. It was a crazy 4 days for us with the arcade fans button crunching away on our machines. For the Street Fighter 2 Champion Edition tourney a prize was presented to the winner by us. Nintendo were showcasing their latest gaming machine the Wii U and Activision’s Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 was available to play! We even had Iain Lee from “11 O’Clock Show” fame come round to have an SF II battle on one of our high quality arcade machines!

Insomnia 46 was incredible, with 1000’s of people attending. The atmosphere was filled with gaming expertise and tons of CPU’s revving away. It was simply one massive LAN gaming festival. We had a couple of Evo’s and our custom XCom: Enemy Unknown machines.

Bespoke Arcade Machines at Play ExpoThe Play Expo is all about gaming; including PC, consoles, mobile, arcade through to cosplay. We were representing classic arcade gaming with a selection of our more classic arcade machines which come with a massive selection of games.

As you can see we had a very busy summer, and we plan to have a very busy run up to Christmas with us being present at Hyper Japan, Gadget Show Live Christmas and Insomnia 47!

Come check us out at one of the shows and as ever…


Hyper Japan is round the corner and we are there!

Hyper Japan Exhibition - Christmas 2012

It’s been a busy month here a Bespoke Arcades, as we are preparing for the upcoming expos over the last two weekends of the month. And the next exhibition we are going to be at is Hyper Japan. We have been invited to spice up the exhibition with some of our high quality arcade cabinets. We will be showcasing our whole product range; so expect to see the Apex, Synergy and Evo arcade machines in all their glory.

This is the first time for us at Hyper Japan, and we are there for you! You can find us in the gaming area of the exhibition. We are there every day of the show from the 23rd to the 25th and if you want an event to remind you then just click attending on our Facebook Event for the show. We will also be tweeting and posting photos throughout the event so you can follow us on Twitter and Instagram!

Hyper Japan is all about Japanese culture and here at Bespoke Arcades we will be showcasing some of the finest Japanese arcade games, including Street Fighter, Pacman and Space Invaders. Our machines come in the both the stand-up flavour as well as the the sit-down in case you need a break from all the walking around! All the machines on show are multi-game, so you can play all the available games to your hearts content. There will be a representative always at hand in case you have any questions or queries too!

We are pretty excited for the Hyper Japan exhibition weekend, and we hope you are too! So if you wanted to have a play with our machines, come on over to Hyper Japan but if you can’t then don’t worry our machines are always on show at our showroom in North London so contact us and we can organise a time for you to come on over and see if we can sort you out with the ultimate arcade gaming experience from the finest arcade machines manufacturer Bespoke Arcades.

Happy Gaming!!

The Retrobox is finally here!!!

Once again we listen to what our customers want and we have launched our Retroboxes to all new and current customers. In a nutshell- the current revision allows you to plugin any 80’s and some ’90’s console controllers and play the games of yesteryear with your original joypad of choice. The consoles so far are 2600, NES, Master System, Megadrive, SNES, Commodore Amiga and N64 and are compatible with all Apex, Synergy and Evo arcade machines. Time to delve into the attic, search around and dust off those joypads.

We are the only home arcade manufacturer who make this optional add on- we kept it as a plug-n-play setup in order to not detract from the aesthetics of our fine machines. Therefore this allows our customers to experience the pleasure of using their chosen controller without wrestling with a mess of wires permanently.

We also offer Retroboxes of any combination (for example 2 Megadrive and 2 SNES, or simply 1 2600 port if that’s your thing). You let us know what rocks your world, and we’ll do our best to deliver what you have in mind.

All gamers have treasured memories of gaming throughout their youth. We like to think Bespoke Arcades genuinely help clients relive their favourite gaming moments with style. When you bear in mind Bespoke Arcades machines are fully compatible with all emulators, one can see why this is such a terrific option. We can also supply original controllers if yours never survived deep storage.

Time for Mario Kart or Goldeneye championships to resume or perhaps you feel like wandering through your favourite rpg of choice (Dungeon Master isn’t as terrifying as it used to be though) then this hop up is for you. If this peaks your retro-meter, then feel free to get in contact and Bespoke Arcades with do its upmost to provide you with your dream setup. You can read more about the Retrobox here.

Happy Gaming!!