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Month: December 2012

The First Ever Gadget Show Live Christmas !

Children playing on the Evo Arcade Machine

Hi Guys!

We had a great time at the Gadget Show Christmas Live exhibition last weekend and once again we’re sharing a stand with our good friends at Replay. The combination of our high quality arcade machines and their retro gaming consoles such as the Nintendo 64 and Sega Mega Drive among others caused a flurry of interested Gadget Show Live visitors to get involved in some non-stop multiplayer gaming from 9am to 6pm every day of the exhibition. From Goldeneye to Micro Machines to even 10 player (cable nightmare) Bomberman was on offer to get the public’s hearts racing.

There were a lot of retrogamers within the exhibition demographic, and many gamers asked if their favourite game was in our machines and we always managed to satisfy their eager appetites whether they wanted Pac-Man, Street Fighter or pretty much any retrogame there is we had it on show inside our sleek arcade cabinets.

The Gadget Show wasn’t just about gaming, although most of the big names in the industry were there ranging from Nintendo showing off their brand spanking new Wii U (it looks like their new Super Mario Bros U is going to be a surefire winner).

We were lucky to have a go at Dead Space 3 at EA’s towering beast of a booth. They’ve upped the ante again making DS3 more cinematic and brown-trouser terrifying, graphically pushing the 360 to its limits.

Gadget Show Live Packed Arcades AreaThe gamers and non-gamers alike were pleased with our wide range of products as we had our Bespoke Arcades line of machines including the stand-up Apex and Evo and our table-top Synergy. The Synergy arcade machines in particular had families congregated around them, reliving parents’ youth and engrossed in their favourite timeless classics. Arcade games are like riding a bike, you never forget (except Defender) ;).

We also had our new more commercial line of arcade machines, the GameTime series which come in multiple flavours of different game-packs and in stand-up and table-top fashion. All 16 machines at our stand were occupied from 9am until 6pm- every single one performing flawlessly, which stands as a testament to the quality of our cabinets.

We at Bespoke Arcades have had an amazing exhibition, and we hope you had one too!



The Arcade Machine – Perfect Christmas Present

It’s nearly Christmas and I’m sure everyone is rushing about doing their Christmas shopping. But you don’t need to worry about that, you’ve just found the perfect Christmas present. We make the highest quality arcade machines and we can custom build it for you to cater to your every single whim. Our Bespoke Arcades machines are the Apex, Synergy and Evo starting from £1995 including delivery and come in 3 versions different Play, Media and Elite. All our BA machines can play multiple different games and come with over 350 games as standard. The machines are highly versatile and with the Media and Elite versions you can even load up your own games and watch movies, or pretty much anything you do on your computer but on your brand new arcade cabinet. Have a look below at our different machines:

Apex Arcade Machine –

• The original/best slim-line cabinet.
• Most coveted arcade machine.
• 20″ Multi-view HD display.
• 2 Player, 8 button controls.
• Fits elegantly in any space

Synergy Arcade Machine –

• The original multigame cocktail.
• Highly rated by the UK press.
• 20″ Multi-view HD Display.
• 2 Player, horiz / vert controls.
• Elegant, timeless design

Evo Arcade Machine –

• The world’s most advanced arcade.
• Opt for PS3/Xbox 360 compatibility.
• Massive 28″ over HD display.
• 2 Player, 10 Button controls.
• The ultimate for dedicated gamers.

Want illuminated buttons? We got your back. Want an iPod dock? Done. Need next day delivery? Sure thing (within London only). Want a custom sideart with your favourite Street Fighter or even a Christmas design? We can make it (we can do any custom side art by the way and even get custom messages on your machines)! If you want more information on the customisations possible click here, and if you see something you want but that customisation isn’t on the website then send us a contact form and we will do our best to accommodate your requirements.

We also now have our more affordable Game Time arcade machine range with top machines starting from £995 including delivery giving you no excuse to not get your hands on the best Christmas present going! 😉

We know this is a busy time for everyone, so we make sure you have the best experience and customer service with our products. All our products as standard come with 90 day on-site warranty, 1 year workshop warranty and unlimited technical support over the phone. We want you to enjoy playing our products just as much as we enjoy providing you with the best quality arcade machines money can buy.

We also have special promotional Christmas prices with up to £900 off our machines. Please note, we are taking orders right up to and including the 22/12 for London and surrounding regions and 21/12 for regions outside London but within the UK. We guarantee Christmas delivery for orders placed before those dates, the earlier the better. If you require more extensive customisations please order as soon as possible so we can get to work on your Christmas present asap. So why wait? Send us a contact form and we can sort your out with the most amazing Christmas present ever.

Happy Gaming

Insomnia 47

view of insomnia 47
capcom bespoke arcades machinesWe’ve been busy beavers here at Bespoke Arcades, especially the last weekend! We were at both Insomnia 47 and Gadget Show Live Christmas! The team was split in two and one group went off to Telford to let the gamers get their hands on the most sophisticated arcade cabinets around and the other team went to the mayhem that was the Gadget Show Christmas 2012 event at Dockland’s ExCel.

It was the usual LAN fest at Insomnia 47, with the smell of hardcore gaming in the air and the spirit of never giving up when you just can’t defeat that final boss. We set off to keep the gamers entertained when they weren’t glued to their pc.

On top of having our cabinets scattered throughout the venue, Capcom used 4 of our Apex arcade cabinets to demonstrate their new range of upcoming retro rereleases on Xbox Live.

bespoke arcades machines with capcomIt’s not the first time we’ve worked with this powerhouse. We’ve also supplied them with machines for a Puma event in Shoreditch.All Bespoke Arcades’ clients can be safe in the knowledge that not only do we supply machines to the gaming industry for games like Mortal Kombat IX or manufacture custom projects for giants like 2K Games and their blockbuster title X-Com Enemy Unknown, but we also tirelessly stay on top of our game- forever innovating to keep us light years ahead of the competition.

Whereas other home arcade manufacturers slap logos on their machines, we work alongside them promoting their titles and in turn proving our worth.

For the moment it looks like the year’s exhibitions are at an end, and all our voices can now recover from the air conditioning and shouting above the cacophony from I47’s hardcore gamers and the Christmas present buying public at The Gadget Show 2012.

Happy Gaming

Hyper Japan: A touch of Japanese Culture.

Hyper Japan - Packed Stand

Last weekend we were at Hyper Japan, the first time we have been at the exhibition. We were nervous but the Japanese culture fanbase welcomed us with open arms. As soon as we turned on our arcades people rushed in to play, and from Friday to Sunday evening the stand was jam packed.

We were sharing our area with our good buddies at Replay who kept the public’s groove on with Samba De Amigo, Donkey Konga and more. The DDR based games were so popular they also brought them to the Gadget Show.

Hyper Japan is all about Japanese Culture, including Japanese food, anime, Japanese games, and of course cosplaying among everything else oriental. Nintendo were showcasing their new Wii U which is out now. There was the Robotic Innovations by ITK, which uses robotics to help people do normal tasks like the robotic walking stick.

Food was a huge part of the exhibition, with a variety of Japanese  treats being sold. You could try your hand at making your own Sushi at the Sushi workshop, or see if you’re left standing after sampling the 23 different types of Sake on offer at the Sake Experience.

The Tea Bar catered to the leaf lovers within us with a huge collection of different types on offer for all to sample (No PG Tips here though). There was even street food and sweet treats available from pancakes to octopus balls, including the Japanese Kit Kat which actually comes in strawberry flavour and the usual Pocky which is ever so famous in Japan.

Hyper Japan - Apex Arcade MachineWe had huge interest in our machines, and this is the first time that Hyper Japan has had arcade machines on show. Our arcade cabinets were running the seminal Japanese classics such as Street Fighter and Pac Man among others. We didn’t have a moment to breath as our stand was continuously occupied and we were always at hand to answer any and all questions or queries from the Hyper Japan visitors.

To the right there is a photo of some enthusiasts on our Apex arcade machine. Below are a selection of photos from Hyper Japan, and you can see slice of Japanese culture!