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Month: January 2013

Custom XCom: Enemy Unknown Project

Late last year we started working on a collaborative project with 2K Games to bring out custom gaming machines for their new game XCom: Enemy Unknown. Since then we have work night and day to bring out 8 amazing custom built machines to play the game on.

These high quality machines have been showcased at numerous exhibitions as part of the XCom: Enemy Unknown stand; these include Insomia 46, Eurogamer Expo, Play Expo and the MCM Comic Con. Gamers were literally crowding round waiting eagerly for a chance to play the game on our beautifully built gaming machines.

2K’s XCom: Enemy Unknown is a turned-based role-playing strategy game, and is a remake of 2K’s UFO: Enemy Unknown which was originally released in 1994. Imagine the future where the Earth has been invaded by extraterrestrial life, and you are a member of a global elite organisation called “XCOM” are charged with the duty to protect the Earth from these aliens. The game was released on the 9th October in the USA and the 12th worldwide, and is a huge success!

Our custom built machine are bespoke to the XCom: Enemy Unknown game and feature authentic Sanwa joysticks and illuminated push-push buttons. The custom XCom machine provides crisp clear visuals with the larger (how many inches?) Full High Definition screen combined with the superb 5.1 surround sound to ensure that you get the ultimate gaming experience similar to the gaming experience on our range of bespoke arcade machines.

The machines were given away as prizes in competitions run by 2k games, and below a few quotes from what the public (on Twitter and Facebook) thought about our custom built XCom machines:

Anyone see those awesome XCOM table arcade cabinets @bespokearcades made for EGXP? Someone want to get me one of those yeah? – Vaughn

Awesome! – Sterian

Check out the elegant custom finish below:

Play the new free Street Fighter x Mega Man game on our acade machines!

Loved Street Fighter? Loved Mega Man? Now watch them both battle it out on Street Fighter x Mega Man, which has been released on Mega Man‘s 25th birthday! The best thing about it is it’s free and in your favourite retroarcade style.

It’s has been freely downloadable from the website from the 17th December 2012 onwards, and it is of course compatible with all our machines. Playing this evokes memories of my beloved NES…

We’ve all played it using a Retrobox NES adapter on one of our Evo cabinets, completed it and thoroughly enjoyed the 10 stages (oh and there might be a secret in there for you too, but we won’t spoil it for you)! The game itself is under 40 megabytes in size, which means it shouldn’t take you long to download.

You can load the game onto any of our Media or Elite versions of the Apex, Synergy and Evo . Simply navigate to their website and then download the product via your web browser on your arcade cabinet or transfer the already downloaded file onto a USB key and then onto your arcade cabinet from there. Then, open the downloaded file and follow the instructions from there. And before you know it you’ll be playing around with a brand new retro NES themed game.

The Story:

In the year of 2012, a Super Robot named Megaman was celebrating his 25th birthday with no Robot Masters to defeat. There was much outcry. But thanks to the continued support from fans, Megaman will face a set of new challengers…

Check out the trailer for this amazing new game below!

Hope you have as much fun as we did playing this game!

Happy Gaming!

Happy New Year & Lightgun Competition

Happy New Year to everyone, we hope that you all had a wonderful Christmas holiday! The guys at Bespoke Arcades would like to welcome everyone to the New Year with a fantastic new competition!

It’s been some time since we last had a competition, and since it’s the 2013 which is the New Year we think it’s the perfect time to have one! And hopefully we should be having a lot competitions this year.

You could be in a chance to win a PC and PS3 compatible Lightgun and a PC copy of House of the Dead III. This is an amazing and epic first person shooter and coupled with a Lightgun it should give you days of zombie-killing fun!.

Unlike the arcade original, the resolution can be cranked up to 1080p to give the game true HD graphics and still deliver a silky -smooth 60 frames per second.

To be in a chance to win this combo you need to “like” our facebook page here. So suggest users, repost this, click “like” on this post and you’ll be one step closer to winning a lightgun and House of the Dead III.

So head over to our Facebook page and like and share our page and you could be a recipient of a new lightgun and House of Dead III. The competition will end once we reach 2000 and we will randomly draw a name from the list of users that have liked us and announce the winner soon after the competition closes. Don’t waste time and get clicking!