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Month: February 2013

The new decade of arcade gaming!

Sina Mora Arcade Gaming CoverAfter taking a walk around this year’s International Gaming Expo, I was left disheartened to say the least. It seems arcade games are leaning away from the hardcore and very much targeting the casual gamer. From Cut the rope HD to Fruit Ninja HD, there wasn’t a huge amount arcade gaming on offer to get my hands twitching. Plenty of innovation on display but not a great deal to whet my traditional arcade gaming child inside.

However the same cannot be said for the home arcade gaming arena. Unfortunately times are tough and many in the video games industry are feeling the squeeze, but stellar titles are still in constant flow, ensuring the hardcore gamer has an outlet to satisfy his or her needs. Current console and PC platforms offer a host of ways to play you favourite titles of yesteryear as well as a plethora of new ones.

From After Burner to Zaxxon; thanks to Xbox Live, WiiWare and the Playstation Network your console has a vast library of retrogaming titles to sample. Of course, our Bespoke Arcade machines can be tailor-made to be cross-compatible with some or all of today’s generation of video gaming hardware.

Or maybe you feel like fast-forwarding to the frenetic action of some of today’s offerings, then a Bespoke Arcades machine will not let you down. There’s no better way of playing Grasshopper studio’s Bullet-Hell masterpiece Sine Mora than on of our arcade machines. Zero delay from our controls ensures zen-like precision is at your fingertips and will allow feats of enemy-avoiding accuracy you didn’t know were possible.

With the arrival of Capcom Arcade Cabinet hitting all the consoles’ dashboards, you can be assured of a steady stream of genuine arcade titles to tide you over when you need your twitch gaming fix! You will never get tired of your Bespoke Arcades machine.

Time Crisis

Time Crisis Arcade Machine ScreenshotSo you feel like being a secret agent and watching some seriously cheesy scripting? Normally you would have to sacrifice a lot of space and incur the wrath of your better half, but now you can do the same job and a whole lot more with one of our Evo arcade machines with the Playstation  adapter resulting in the Time Crisis arcade machine.

For those of you that aren’t familiar with the series, the Time Crisis arcade machine titles are “On-rails-Shooters” (like being on a roller coaster shooting). Namco’s series also pioneered with an innovative cover system- a pedal or button that allows you to duck behind nearby objects and avoid enemy fire. The series has become a firm favourite with fans of the genre thanks to the fast, frenetic action and over the top hammy dialogue.

With a Bespoke Arcades machine you have infinite flexibility. Most Time Crisis titles can be played via the original game and console and some of our console adapters. Just dust off your console, dig out Time Crisis and play away! Have your own custom Time Crisis arcade machine experience.

Power up your Playstation and fire up the original Time Crisis. Be a one man army working on behalf of the VSSE International Intelligence whatever and take on the might of the Sercian military and insane dictator Sherudo Garo (typical…). Playing it today, its still a fantastic title although the timing seems a tad different from the arcade original (which can be also be played thanks to the versatility of all Bespoke Arcades cabinets).

Fast-forward four years, a couple of titles and you have the choice to take on the persona of the immaculately styled Evan or Giorgio in Time Crisis IV (see right), running around an airport investigating weapons trafficking. But don’t fret if you’ve lost your G-Con or don’t want those ugly sensors draped over the screen- our light gun is fully Playstation 3 compatible thanks to updated firmware.

With the lag free, crystal-clear HD display on an Evo cabinet, the Time Crisis never looked or played better. Make your very own Time Crisis arcade machine experience on our Evo cabinet.

Action, Reload and Happy Gaming!!!

Fighting Games History – Part 1

fighting games history heavyweight champWe thought it would be a grand idea to do a quick blog chronicling the fighting games history and the rise of the 2D fighting games. I’m sure everyone will say its all about Street Fighter 2 onwards but there were some defining titles which would set Streetfighter 2 up to take the arcade world by storm in the fighting games history. It’s well worth taking a quick peek at some of the fighting games which have culminated into the current still active genre. Titles like Super Street Fighter IV Arcade Edition are still raising the benchmark continuing an ever-evolving scene.

Apparently it all started off way back in the fighting games history with a title called “Heavyweight Champ” released in 1976 by Sega. They were at the forefront of gaming and also released Warrior in 1979 and Champion Boxing in 1983.

A video game I personally hold dear to my hear is Yie-Ar-Kung Fu which was released by Konami in 1985. My brother had this on the Amstrad CPC 6128 and I used to play this a lot (as well as Operation Wolf using a Quikshot joystick which was a losing battle). Each character varied in fighting style and appearance which added a real element of change to each bout. It’s still great fun to play now albeit a little basic. An enjoyable experience seeing where some of the seeds of the fighting genre were laid.

Yie Ar Kung Fu also provided a starting point for Capcom’s legendary Street Fighter series and introduced now household names to the public.

Characters of note that were Street Fighter created are flame-haired Ryu and identical Ken (in all but looks). There’s also The evil Sagat who hasn’t yet been given the scar by Ryu. Sagat’s wound constantly reminds him of his adversary’s victory and he draws his immense Muay Thai power from it. Streetfighter and Street Fighter II never played better than on one of our arcade machines.

There’s also Sagat’s protege Adon who later features in features later on in the Alpha series. The same can be said for the aged Gen and Birdie (who fights for us Brits).

It would take a decade or 2 for the fighting game category to find it’s feet and output what we all now know and love. If requested we can use all Sanwa controls in our cabinets which are the choice of professionals in today’s fighting tournaments.

That’s it for the Fighting Games History: Part 1, keep you eyes peeled for part 2!

Happy Gaming

The Versatility Of An Elite Series Arcade Machine


Quite often we get asked what the differences are between the Media series and Elite series of arcade machines. From the exterior- very little as every product in the Bespoke Arcades range comes with the same great build quality and attention to detail. The differences lie within the arcade’s timeless chassis.

At the heart of an Elite arcade machine lies Intel’s latest i5 processor. This CPU can handle anything you throw at it, from advanced 3d rendering to ultra fast number crunching. Coupled with the matched ram we incorporate into each PC we build, an Elite arcade machine has the raw power to demonstrate this year’s gaming blockbusters without breaking a sweat.

Did someone mention gaming? Obviously, an Elite arcade machine’ primary goal is to play games. We incorporate a current nVidia GTX 6-series graphics card to ensure all graphics settings can be cranked up to ultra-high. There is an abundance of worthy titles for your arcade machine. Some are genuine arcade titles which run better than their arcade counterparts due to the over-the-top computing power. But others are best played sitting back comfortably and playing via an Xbox 360 control pad and via the hdmi output situated at the rear of the arcade machine. See the Elite gaming review for an example.

The raw computing power within each Elite series arcade machine for sale ensures any stable emulator available can be run and be fully compatible including integration into our bespoke auto-loading menu system. Depending what program or emulator you wish to play, our controls can even be reassigned and saved to a profile to further make the arcade machine foolproof and as versatile a purchase as can be.

As you can see from Aliens: Colonial Marines, an Elite Series PC has unsurpassed graphics. No longer is it “Game Over” when you’re packing heat with Bespoke Arcades. So get 5 by 5, don your pulse rifle and take on the baddest alien to ever hit the silver screen.

“Just another day on the farm”

Happy Gaming!!

2013 Arcade Machine Upgrades Part 1

2013 brings games and new technology and Bespoke Arcades is always striving to deliver the cutting-edge tech to our clients. We are going to present a series of posts highlighting new innovations that are being incorporated into our arcade machines this year.

Our first new feature is a new range of RGB LED pushbuttons. When the buttons are unlit, they are milky white. All colours and effects are managed by another all-new device- our 64 bit lighting controller which will allow more lighting effects than Las Vegas and Jean Michel Jarre put together.

The video posted shows unaltered footage. Its quite tricky to see- however the light is perfectly diffused throughout the button. Without a doubt this is the perfect, elegant solution for lighting buttons. The quality of the buttons is unsurpassed and are made in Europe by Industrias Lorenzo- an incredible amount of research and development went into providing the perfect mix between full LED lighting and white balance of an unlit button.

It’s even possible to vary the buttons’ colour according to the music being played during the game thanks to some nifty plugins.

The joystick sitting innocently to the left is no traditional stick. On the underside lies a powerful servo which will instantly switch the stick from 8-way mode to 4-way (or vice-versa). All you have to do is press a discreet button and you will hear the action take place. The joystick looks similar to the American Competition style stick, however it feels more like the Japanese Sanwa JLF joysticks (thanks to the precision and soft microswitches) which are a popular choice for fighting game fans.

This is the new king of the block when it comes to switching between 4 and 8 way and is available now for all Bespoke Arcades machines for sale.

This is one of many enhancements we have planned for the entire Bespoke Arcades range. Make sure you keep your eyes peeled for more innovations to come.

Happy Gaming