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Month: March 2013

Arcade Machine with a Touch – Apex Touch

Apex Touch Arcade MachineWe’ve been working incredibly hard over the last few months to bring out our 2013 upgrades! We were thinking of what our clients want, and with the feedback we’ve received from them we knew exactly what next to create for our esteemed clients. Therefore without further ado we present our amazing Apex with a touch, the Apex Touch.

The Apex Touch is the latest in our Apex line of arcade machines, and brings the latest touchscreen technology to your arcade machine. We are the first arcade manufacturer to offer a touchscreen enabled arcade machine.

As standard our Apex comes with over 350 games (including Pac-Man, Defender, Arkanoid, 1941, Sonic and many more hits), with the possibility to add 1000s of games. All the options available to the Apex Media/Elite are available to this beauty with the cutting-edge touchscreen technology. Whether you want illuminated buttons, trackball controller, light guns or any of our many options we have you covered. We also offer custom marquees and with our in-house Graphics Designer, we can help you find the design that you always wanted.

You can use the touchscreen to play any touchscreen compatible games, surf the web and much more all at the touch of your finger.

Our Apex Touch comes in either the Media or Elite flavours. They come with a built-in PC and with the option of Windows 8, you can get the full touchscreen experience. With our Apex Touch you can load your own games, emulators or educational packages. The options are simply endless with the new Apex Touch.

The Apex Touch arcade machine is on sale now, and are selling like hot cakes. We hope you will love this arcade machine as much as we loved making it.

We also have a few more surprises for 2013, so keep tuned.

Happy Gaming!

Home Arcade Game Review – Sine Mora

In the last 2 blogs you have heard me harp on about the Bullet Hell shooter- Sine Mora. If you’re a fan of the genre and desire a game with all the qualities of a classic Japanese shmup, with some current genration graphics and mechanics- you must get this game.

Irrespective on what format you play the game on, the game is a spectacle to watch. Sine Mora features a steampunk-style theme throughout its incredibly challenging levels. The game features high quality 3D visuals throughout the game but plays exactly like a 2D shooter.  This title also features a slow motion button which is your last-ditch attempt to get out of projectiles heading your way which adds to the action and allows you to perform death-defying manoeuvres. The animation is equally as sumptuous as the soundtrack which suits the mayhem onscreen perfectly.

Garnering more than respectable ratings ranging from 77 to 85 out of 100 from Metacritic (which gathers all available scores and averages).

As mentined in previous posts- the game only costs £7.99 as represents ridiculously good value for money. The game’s story mode features 8 stages, split into 4 sub-levels. Even though it doesn’t sound much, the game can be cranked up to insane difficulty levels which would scupper the most hardcore of Bullet Hell gamers.

If you’re having friends over and you want to impress with your Bespoke Arcades arcade machine. Run this title and watch the jaws drop as you demonstrate today’s arcade action in your own home. The commercial-standard joysticks we supply in our arcade machines allow you to enter Sine Mora’s slo-motion time lapse, and allow to to bob and weave throughout the tightest of gaps and avoid the sea of bullets approaching your diminutive craft.

The title is available on PC, Playstation 3 and X box 360 and is compatible with all Bespoke Arcades Media and Elite models.

Happy Gaming!!!

The Invisible Playstation 4 and the rumoured Xbox 720

Playstation 4 Dual Shock 4 ControllerThe Playstation 4 has been officially announced by Sony. We were shocked and I’m sure many others were because Sony didn’t actually show anyone what the  Playstation 4 looked like. They only revealed the DualShock 4 controller and showcased the PS4 gameplay, but no actual Playstation 4 in sight! The DualShock 4 isn’t too different from that of the DualShock 3 (for the PS3), and to be completely honest looking back the controllers haven’t changed much over previous generations of the Playstation family.

Something interesting that was shown at the event was the way gaming has developed over the years since the original Playstation; the quality of the graphics, game play and so much more has improved. Another surprise was I found out that Playstation might not have existed if Sony and Sega had successfully teamed up to make a joint console long before Sony made the Playstation, but thankfully Sega vetoed the idea.

There is a mixed reaction on the web with regards to Sony’s ‘invisible’ Playstation 4 release, it is generally thought that Sony is waiting to see what Microsoft will announce and this ‘invisible’ release gives them room to maneuver against Microsoft. There is no price, release date or even what the console looks like. But one thing we can confirm is that our new range of Evo Arcade Machines will be Playstation 4 compatible, allowing you to play the latest high-octane games on the cutting edge Playstation 4 console on our state-of-the-art Evo Arcade Machine.

On the other hand, Microsoft haven’t released much on their next-generation Xbox console. Rumor is that the next-gen Xbox console dubbed the “Xbox 720” will be announced in April 2013. However, the Kinect 2.0 specifications have been leaked and it looks like it has a 1080p full high-definition camera coupled with a wider range of view and USB 3.

A comparison of the Playstation 4 specs against the rumored Xbox 720 specs show that the Playstation 4 will come with double the terraflops in GPU and similar hardware elsewhere including 8 gb of RAM. These machines seemed to be as powerful as a top range gaming PC, hopefully they will truly bring us into the next generation of gaming in style.

We are looking forward to the arcade gaming range tailored for the PS4 and Xbox 720 next-generation consoles, and are eager to play them on our very own Evo Arcade Machine which will be cross-compatible with both the next-gen consoles. Currently our Evo Arcade Machine has PS3 and Xbox 360 compatibility already!

The changing face of Arcade Gaming

Funland Arcade Gaming AreaWe live in transient times. It’s hard to find a arcade gaming machine anywhere in the public domain. Aside from “Las Vegas” on Wardour St which houses some Tekken, Sf4 and DDR arcade machines you would be hard pushed to find somewhere to kick back and spend a few pounds. You can always pop over to the Namco Funscape to try your hand, but its’s the exception unfortunately. Long gone are the days of Alien War, early virtual reality delivering some stomach churning, low poly count, weighted down action. Perhaps I’m looking back with rose tinted glasses but I remember wall to wall stellar titles on offer.

However, before we all get too depressed- all is not lost! Arcade titles for the hardcore gamer are still very much in production. Instead of going to your local arcade to sample the latest titles, they’re available on today’s video gaming consoles. On our last blog I briefly touched upon Grasshopper Studios’ cross platform stood-em up Sine Mora. Exactly like Street Fighter IV which has evolved exponentially from its predecessors, Sine Mora is an example of the evolution of the genre from titles such as 1942, Dragon Spirit and Progear.

I also forgot to mention that Sine Mora and other arcade gaming titles old and new are not only first rate but also great value for money. You can grab a copy of Sine Mora for as low as £7.99 and other titles are far less.

There is a huge resurgence in revamps and re-releases of genuine classic titles from the likes of Capcom with the new Capcom Arcade Cabinet or via Sega with a constant stream of titles old and new like Crazy Taxi or After Burner Climax.

If requested, this vast array of great titles can all be compatible on our arcade machines for sale. There is no better way of taking a trip back to the heady days of the zenith of arcade gaming.