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Month: May 2013

Bespoke Arcades at MCM Comic Con London 2013

So the MCM Comic Con at London’s Excel centre has been and gone and it’s one of our favourite shows of the year as it truly allows us to get our geek on. It truly is a joy to venture down and see what the year’s stands and showgoers have to offer. As always there were die-hard cosplayers who always impress with their dedication and incredible costumes. The show brings the perfect mix of videogame fans, sci-fi addicts, anime fans and a chance to meet the talented artists and actors (while i was there Dougray Scott was doing the rounds signing autographs).

Its always a pleasure venturing around the MCM Comic Con as there’s a host of memorabilia to purchase, from figures, replica props, autographs and original artwork- it all can be obtained at a reasonable price.

I was extremely keen on a Sword Of Thundera, however my better judgement prevailed…

And of course Bespoke Arcades were there thanks to Capcom using their 2 Evo arcade machines to demonstrate their awesome Capcom Arcade Collection. One machine was running an Xbox 360 with the other running a Playstation 3 and despite the constant hammering, not one missed a beat. Ghosts and Goblins was the popular game on one machine, whilst the other ended up running the legendary Streetfighter IV Arcade Edition which always had a queue of people waiting to try their luck. Xbox Live and the Playstation Network is now home to a whole host of classic titles which are aching to be played on a Bespoke Arcades machine. Our versatile system can play any system with ease, there’s no better way of playing your arcade titles of yesteryear than with genuine arcade controls at your fingertips.

If you want an arcade machine which can play any current videogame console, or you would like to play any of the classic consoles of yesteryear with the actual corresponding controller of the day- then give us a call and you can have your own personal time machine to the golden age of gaming!

Happy Gaming

All Hail The Xbox One

So Microsoft announced the arrival of their new iteration of the Xbox and it seems it has garnered mixed reviews. The Seattle giant is building on the multifunction of the Xbox and are adding features which will be a gamechanger (pardon the pun).

First things first the console comes with 8gb of ram (might sound small in PC terms, but in terms of consoles- its pretty huge), a 500gb Hard Drive and a Blu-Ray player. The inclusion of a Blu Ray player can only be a good thing as I like uniformity in my films…

You will need to use the Kinect 2.0 all the time which will mean Big Brother will be watching, however usability will be more versatile as the Xbox One will directly interface with you TV allowing remote control-free usage. But if you’ve got nothing to hide- who cares…

Your Xbox has to connect to the internet once a day to verify your games. To be honest piracy is rife which is causing publishers to lose out so in my opinion its a necessary evil. 2nd hand games may also be a thing of the past thanks to restrictions or fees being put on the functionality of a 2nd hand game.

Your Xbox will probably be the hub of your media setup as Microsoft are heavily investing into this aspect integrating Skype and a whole host of other features into the console. This can also be seen via the console’s aesthetic design, it looks very similar to a DVD player (or VHS for that matter), but it looks modern and would integrate into anyone’s multimedia setup with pride.

The new Xbox joypad looks more ergonomic (why change a great design) with snappy looking buttons and it also comes with tactile feedback – but does that simply mean a rumble pack?

But the most important aspect is the games and Microsoft are preaching the fact that never have so many titles been in development as they have now for their up and coming console. One thing is for sure, the tech war is just beginning- rumours are abound that the PS4 is more powerful thanks to DDR5 ram in comparison to the Xbox One’s DDR3, however it’s all about the games and I can’t wait to see what’s coming on both platforms.

Just take a look at Activision’s new Call Of Duty, monickered “Ghosts”- looks great and im looking forward to getting shot in the back already.

Happy Next Generation Gaming!!

AM2 games on your Bespoke Arcades machine

Some news hot off the press and some more great games to play on your Xbox 360 or Playstation 3 compatible arcade machine! Sega have released a trio of classic arcade titles which work as smooth as silk on your Bespoke Arcades arcade cabinet. The following titles are only 400 points each on Xbox Live (approximately £4): Virtua Fighter II, Sonic The Fighters and Fighting Vipers.

These titles are a perfect addition to any fighting game aficionado and as mentioned before perform flawlessly on your arcade cabinet. Sega set the standards high when they released Virtua Fighter II and got rave reviews from the arcade gaming public, and like a fine wine- in my humble opinion the title has only improved with age.

Fighting Vipers follows in Virtua Fighter’s footsteps, however there are noticeable differences in the game’s mechanics. Each character dons armour, which can be damaged and monitored via a diagram of your player’s torso. If your armour is broken off- your avatar is susceptible to more damage.

Apparently Sonic The Fighters is the result of a programmer on the Fighting Vipers team including Sonic on the character roster (for a bit of fun) and approval was given to put a Sonic themed game into full production. Therefore its safe to assume there are a lot of similarities, however there isn’t an armour element in this title.

These titles were created by a subdivision of Sega called AM2. This crack team of developers was headed up by Yu Suzuki (the creator of Shenmue) and was also responsible for the stellar racing game Daytona. Another AM2 title you can find on the 360 or Playstation 3 is the current Virtua Fighter 5 which also plays like a dream and is a must have for any fighting game fan.

Either way, any of these purchases would make a welcome addition to your arcade cabinet’s arsenal and brings further entertainment value to your Bespoke Arcades arcade machine.

Happy Gaming!!!