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Month: July 2013

Hyper Japan 2013 – A little bit of Japan in London!

We have been busy as usual, bringing you the latest and greatest in the arcade world. Our team have been active creating our latest arcade machine – the Nu-Gen Cabinet – and since it’s time for Hyper Japan 2013 (and we go there regularly) we thought we’d let the public have a sneak peek!

This year Hyper Japan 2013 brings the Sushi Awards and Sake Experience coupled with the Japanese cuisine, tradition and shopping experiences. It truly is a Japanese exhibition!

Hyper Japan 2013 – Retro Gaming Scene

We are providing a Japanese retro gaming area with our friends at Replay Events. The retro gaming centre will contain 6 of our arcade machines, including the Apex, Synergy, Evo and our latest exclusive arcade machine (follow this blog for more information). The guys at Replay Events will be bringing the best retro consoles in the world, which include the NES, SNES, N64, GameCube and many more. Our retro gaming area will be located next to the Nintendo area. All of the arcade machines and retro consoles are there for everyone to play! Experience the yesteryear’s of gaming right now at the exhibition.

Other Gaming

Nintendo and Namco Bandai will be exhibiting, and you can find their latest wares.

Hyper Japan’s Anime/Manga Scene

If your an avid anime and manga fan you will find stalls from Hyper Japan selling and featuring the best and most obscure anime and manga there is to offer. Keep an eye out for the large selection of manga superstars, anime figurines, mascots, feature items and books.

Japanese Culture and Tradition

Ranging from Ramen to Kimono’s, Hyper Japan 2013 has them here! See the latest Japanese fashion trends from kimono’s to pretty much anything the Japanese would wear! There are even a large group of Geisha who have traveled all the way from Japan just to experience Japan in London! And for the Japanese music fans there are J-Pop bands performing live at the show.

Hyper Japan 2013 this year is packed to the brim with everything Japanese, including our exclusive arcade machines! Come see us at the retro gaming area at Hyper Japan from Friday 26th July 2013 to Sunday 28th July 2013.

An arcade machine- the ultimate birthday party companion

Here at Bespoke Arcades we’re only too happy to help when some friends ask us to to loan a couple of machines to help celebrate a birthday celebration. In this case, it was the creative agency Monorex’s 9th birthday celebration in the trendy area of Hoxton in London. DJ’s, drinks, lectures , debates and live art was all abound, and of course our arcades were there to lend a helping hand to the festivities.

The secret warehouse location was alive and buzzing thanks to the feast for the senses delivered by Terry and his compatriots. Free rum courtesy of Ray and Nephew also helped to lubricate the proceedings. Whereas so many collective creative agencies have come and gone, Monorex have flourished since their conception 9 years ago and continue to expand and think outside the box, delivering their urban know-how to major brands.

The 9th birthday party was also home to a pop up exhibition and their Secret Walls live art battle which featured 3 UK artists versus 3 from the Czech Republic. However this wasn’t the only battle to be found on the night- fireballs and hurricane kicks were abound all over the venue thanks to our arcade machines and were occupied all night long. As always- our arcade cabinets can put up with the the fierce hammering of the general public.

All parts are of a commercial grade which is why the like of Capcom have used us for demonstrating Capcom Arcade cabinet, Warner Bros have used our machines for the launch of Mortal Kombat 9 and more recently Injustice: Gods Among Us. You can be safe in the knowledge you’re in good hands if you purchase and arcade machine from Bespoke Arcades.

Not only is a Bespoke Arcades machine the ultimate birthday present- it’s always the life of the party for decades to come.

Happy Gaming!!!