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Month: February 2015

Track & Field: The Only Arcade Game About the Olympics

olympic arcade games

In 1983, Japanese video game developer Konami released a game into Japanese arcades called Hyper Olympic. The game featured quick, simple gameplay representing six different Olympic-style events, all part of the track and field grouping: 100 meter dash, long jump, javelin throw, 110 meter hurdles, hammer throw, and high jump. Before Hyper Olympic there had been plenty of sports games, but very few that featured Olympic events. …

Arcade Games Starring Kids For Kids

arcade games kids

There have been times in the history of video gaming where games have been accused of immaturity and being “for children.” While that’s hardly the case today, many early arcade games were designed with this logic in mind and tried to appeal to kids by using kids as the protagonists. Here’s a set of video games starring kids that are still fun for kids after all these years. …