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Month: November 2016

Nintendo Game Boy

Game Boy

Nintendo’s Game Boy was released in 1989, and quickly became a worldwide success. The device featured 8-bit graphics and was the second line of handheld devices that Nintendo had brought out, its predecessor being the Game and Watch. The designers of this previous series had been the team working on the GB. The hand-held console spawned a line of products, which included the Pocket, Light, Colour and Advance within years to come.

Scramble + Jump Bug | Early Arcade History 1981

By 1981, the popularity of arcade cabinets was in a boom cycle. In this year some huge titles were created, such as Donkey Kong, Galaga and Frogger. All of which are prided as some of the most beloved retro games to date. Game development went further in this year, as Donkey Kong set out a template for platform games, adding a level of fame to this previously overlooked genre of games. Also within this year, the first game to have a ‘continue’ feature was developed.


The Nintendo Entertainment System (or the NES) was originally released in Japan under the name of ‘Family Computer’ (Famicom) in 1984. Originally intended to be an advanced 16-bit console that doubled as a home computer, the console was released as an 8-bit console which was a cheaper and simpler option that proved to be more popular with consumers. The system became the best-selling console of its time, rebooting the video game market after the 1983 crash. IGN named the console the ‘Single Greatest Video Game Console of All Time’ in 2009, and the humble NES came second in PC Magazine’s “Top 10 Video Game Consoles of All Time’, only losing out to the Sega Dreamcast. The console sold 61.91 million units worldwide in its amazingly successful life cycle.