Bespoke Arcades

Month: December 2016

Ms Pac-Man and Zaxxon

By 1982, the arcade industry was booming and well into its ‘golden years’. This can be reflected by some of the notable releases of the year, including Ms Pac Man and Donkey Kong JR, which were sequels based on the success of the original releases a few years earlier. However, new and exciting games were released in this year. Including the likes of Dig Dug, Tron and Pole Position.

Atari Lynx

The Atari Lynx was an 8-bit handheld console that was originally distributed around North America in 1989. The system is well-known for being the first electronic handheld game with a colour LCD screen which also proved to have advanced graphics over their rivals such as the Game Boy and Game Gear. Alongside these features, the Lynx was able to switch between right and left handed configuration as well as the ability to join up with 17 other of the same units.