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Month: March 2017

Altered Beast, Ghouls n’ Ghosts+ Assault

Assault (1988)

Assault was a multi-directional shooter which is thought to have been the first game to use the hardware rotation of sprites with the background in game play.

Interestingly, the player’s tank was the focus of the game play, with it always facing upright and it seeming as the screen was moving around it. This could also have been seen when the player entered the game and proceeded to later levels, as the tank was air dropped in and then would travel down a hatch towards the next stage. When the tank used the ‘Power Platforms’ (ramps), the player would have seen more of the map. As the tank was controlled via two joysticks, through a variation of moves the player would release a devastating nuclear blast, as well as a standard shot.

Nintendo DS

The Nintendo DS is a dual screen, handheld 32-bit console and is the successor to the Game Boy Advance. Although it was not initially set to be the Game Boy successor, due to the bottom screen being touchscreen, Nintendo saw the handheld as a risk and doubted how well it would sell as a console. The system also features a built in microphone and support for wireless connectivity through Wi-Fi.