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Frogger and Bosconian

Frogger (1981)

Frogger, developed by Konami, is regarded as one of the hits of the golden age of video games. Highly regarded for its novel gameplay, the player would direct five frogs to their homes whilst avoiding obstacles such as traffic, other animals and a river.

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Early Arcade History – 1976 Part 2

Road Race / Moto-Cross / Fonz (1976)

As we move into the late 70s, racing became big news in the arcade. Road Race was developed by arcade legends Sega and published by Gremlin Industries. Within a year, the game was re-branded twice, first as Moto-Cross (Man T.T.) and then as Fonz, named after the crazily-popular character on Happy Days, a TV phenomenon of the time. The game is a racer that focused on motorbike racing. When originally released under Road Race, it introduced graphics ahead of their time. Boasting pseudo-3D, forward scrolling, and third-person graphics. When re-released under Moto-Cross, Sega featured haptic feedback in the game, triggering the handlebar controls to vibrate during collisions with objects in the game. …