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The Last Guardian

The Last Guardian was in development for eight whole years. The production team came across many issues such as software faults, to programmers leaving Sony. The game started development in 2007, though the idea is supposedly thought of in 2005, after the reaction of Shadow of Colossus – the company’s previous game. Planned for release in 2011 on the PS3, the release date would be pushed back a further five years and transitioning onto the PS4.

Arcade Machines for Sale, the Artisan Craftsmanship behind them!

real wood arcade joystickSo what do skilled craftsman do when they’re twiddling their thumbs and not building arcade machines for sale? What you see are the results! We created a pair of joysticks worthy of displaying as a testament to our skill and ability.

No shortcuts and only traditional skills are always used when building our arcade cabinets for sale to our videogame-loving clientele. As you can see in the picture above we can utilise real wood or any technique to provide a peerless product. No other arcade machine for sale to the home or industry has as much attention devoted to each unit.

As well as the obvious detail in the real wood exterior, authentic arcade controls are used to fully replicate the authentic arcade experience of videogames’ heyday. You can be guaranteed of a lag-free experience whilst holding the familiar controls.

Occasionally we get requests for modifications in order to play a popular game which has an entirely bespoke control panel layout, in the case below- our subject is Defender. It’s a game which seems far harder than it ever used to be. But don’t fret, we can even the odds with a fully custom hot-swappable Defender control panel with painstakingly recreated graphics.

custom bespoke defender control panel

real wood arcade joystickNow all you have to do is attempt to match your high score! As the old saying goes “practice makes perfect”. If you ever get tired of the lightning fast frenetic gameplay and want to play a different game, simply swap the control panel at your leisure. This is another example of the lengths we go to in order to provide exactly what our customer wants in his or her arcade machine.

Should you have an entirely custom project that is merely a twinkle in your eye, then please don’t hesitate to call Europe’s finest manufacturer providing arcade machines for sale.

An In-Depth Look At Some Options

For this fortnight’s blog I thought we would take a look at some of our most popular options. Since starting Bespoke Arcades, we have got quite adept at fulfilling our customers’ needs in terms of special requests. One of our most popular requests is button illumination. We used to advise against them due to eventual failure (and you don’t want a broken light in your panel).

Now all our buttons are easy to replace if they ever die as technology has moved on leaps and bounds. There are many variants of buttons to choose- from a single colour to full RGB mixing (any colour). All buttons have an even glow with no “hot-spots” as you can see from the photos.

We also offer simple lighting or a new cutting-edge interface board which can perform any kind of effect desired..This can all be tweaked and programmed via the user friendly application.

This fantastic feature is also available for trackballs on the Evo. There’s nothing quite like seeing your friends be fascinated by the light show.

We now offer powder coating as part of our standard repertoire. An imprecise art at best but we guarantee no unsightly defects. This feature is usually for the coin door or usb ports and care is taken to dismantle all parts prior to spraying. We even illuminate the coin door with your desired colour.

To go with your new coin door, some people opt for custom tokens. Send us an idea and within 2 months we can have your own unique coins to use in your own home arcade machine.

Another popular feature is choosing the wood finish for your arcade machine. Your home arcade cabinet can seamlessly tie in with your décor. As you can see from the photos- we try to keep a continuous grain throughout the cabinet.

burl finish arcade machine

Or one can go for the more visual route and opt for your own unique design to adorn the side of your arcade machine. We use only the best vinyl used on commercial arcade machines. The vinyl graphic is then computer cut to ensure a flawless graphic. We work hand in hand with our clients to faithfully reproduce their particular vision.

jaguar skills arcade cabinet

If you have an idea for your own machine (like Mr Skills), then why not send us a mail or give us a bell on 0207 935-9005. We would be glad to assist.

Happy Gaming!!

White Synergy Media in Harrods

Synergy Media cocktail arcade machine in HarrodsHi gamers,

As some of you may know, our arcade cabinets are sold in some of the most exclusive shops in the country; none more so than the world-famous Harrods in Knightsbridge.

For well over 4 years now, visitors to Harrods have been able to see and play our arcade machines in the adult gifts department located on the lower ground floor.

In the run-up to Christmas and the obligatory January sales, we have been asked to provide a new machine to sit alongside the black Evo Play and Apex Elite which they already have. We have furnished them with a brand new Synergy Media arcade table in white.

Synergy Media tabletop arcade cabinet in HarrodsComplete with all of our recent updates such as increased memory and processor power, this cocktail arcade machine is incredibly desirable and is set to make visitors very happy. We went down to Harrods recently to spend some time in the Adult gifts department located on the lower ground floor.

We found a queue of eager gamers lining up to get a shot on the Evo. The Synergy is for display only at the moment so we got some in-situ pics..

So if you happen to be shopping in Harrods or just cruising round Knightsbridge, why not pop into the lower ground floor and give our arcade cabinets a whirl? Guaranteed happy gaming!