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Style and Substance

Arcade Machine PR – Bespoke Arcades – Style And Substance

Bespoke Arcades – Style And Substance

Bespoke Arcades, the leading provider of bespoke arcade machines, attribute much of their success to the quality of the design options that make their products popular with rock stars, sportsmen and royalty alike. Ben Georget, from Bespoke Arcades, the leading online retailer of arcade machines and arcade cabinets, supplying some of the most prestigious outlets across the UK including Harrods, said, “We take great pride in ensuring that the each component of our custom-built cabinets is of the highest quality, from the casing to the controls and the sound.

For example, we have a range of control options from Suzo-Happ, Sanwa and Seimitsu and offer aircraft grade lightweight aluminium joysticks – a must for all true gamers. We also offer a range of illuminated buttons and trackballs for a true quality gaming experience.” The cabinets themselves are available in a variety of colours and finishes from wood veneer to gold metallic and the option of a smoked pane of glass to add a certain sleekness to the cabinet is popular with many. Bespoke Arcades offer three distinct designs – Synergy, Apex and Evo.

The Synergy is a beautifully designed classic cocktail arcade machine and is regarded as the finest and most stylish sit-down cabinet available. The Evo and Apex are upright cabinets that feature high quality controls and high definition screens along with over two hundred and twenty classic arcade games.

Their hand built sleek design recalls the classic arcade games of bygone years whilst offering players for the first time the chance to enjoy their favourite console games through the cabinets. Mr Georget added, “Importantly, all our cabinets can now be made to play next generation consoles via both the screen and controls. This means that customers can now play Wii, X-Box 360 and Playstation 3 games through their bespoke cabinet.

In addition to experiencing classic arcade games in the way they were intended to be played users can now enjoy their modern console games through their bespoke system.” Bespoke Arcades hand make all of their cabinets in the UK using only new and branded parts and all the games included are fully licensed. The quality is second to none with all cabinets being fully EC and LVD certified. The custom-built arcade products are perfect for the office, home or games room and come with an extended warranty and a dedicated helpline for after-sales support.


Give Yourself The Edge With Bespoke Arcades

Arcade Machine PR – Give Yourself The Edge With Bespoke Arcades

Give Yourself The Edge With Bespoke Arcades

The economic downturn has had an impact on a wide range of businesses and the licensed trade has been hit as hard as any. In these challenging times many businesses have to find new and innovative ways of retaining their customers in order to survive.

Now, Bespoke Arcades, leading suppliers of arcade machines and video arcade games have a selection of arcade machines that fit perfectly in a bar or pub. The manufacturer, Bespoke Arcades, specialise in creating custom built arcade machines for usage in bars, pubs, shops or hotels. These high quality cabinets are built and are preloaded with over three hundred and fifty retro arcade games which packs a punch while keeping the stylish sleek design of both their classic arcade cabinets and cocktail arcade tables.

They have multimedia functionality and are made with the highest quality components. Ben Georget, lead designer of Bespoke Arcades, whom are the premier manufacturer and online retailer of high quality arcade machines and arcade cabinets, and supply to the most prestigious stores in the UK including Hamleys, Harrods and Selfridges, said, “In these difficult economic times it is vital that firms find imaginative ways of attracting customers and this is particularly true of the pub and bar industry.

With over fifty pubs a week shutting their doors in the UK it is crucial that landlords find ways of retaining their clientele. We believe that a bespoke arcade cabinet offering customers the chance of enjoying their favourite arcade games is a perfect way of doing this.” Bespoke Arcades offer a range of systems which are all individually hand built. As well as offering a range of iconic arcade games including Space Invaders, PacMan and Asteroids they also have full multimedia functionality enabling Xbox 360 or Playstation3 games to be played through the system.

The cabinets offer a classic gaming experience and they allow pub and bar customers enjoy their favourite games in the way they were designed to be played. Mr Georget added, “We believe that installing a bespoke arcade cabinet in your bar, club, pub or shop can give you a vital competitive edge over the competition. Many customers enjoy playing the classic arcade games of their youth and by installing an arcade cabinet or cocktail table you are providing a clear differentiation between your premises and the local competition.”

Bespoke Arcades Give Rise To A New Breed Of Gift Givers

Arcade Machine PR – Bespoke Arcades Give Rise To A New Breed Of Gift Givers

Bespoke Arcades Give Rise To A New Breed Of Gift Givers

With Fathers Day just around the corner, gifts shops everywhere have shipped in the latest line of stuffed toys and usual Fathers Day memorabilia, but for one cutting-edge online retailer of bespoke arcade games, Fathers Day means much more than a decorative mug or brightly coloured key ring. Journalist Tina Clough investigates….

For the sophisticated fashion conscious father the days of the ‘world best dad’ sweatshirt and matching badge are long gone, giving rise to a new breed of gift giving, that appreciates the importance of that ultimate boys toy. Ben Georget, from Bespoke Arcades, the leading online retailer of arcade machines, supplying some of the most prestigious outlets across the UK including Harrods said, “It is a well known fact that men of all ages love a new gadget and Fathers Day is one of our busiest periods. Purchasing your father the latest digital camera or computer console is great, but customers come to us for something unique- after all who would expect to find a bespoke arcade game waiting for them on Fathers Day?!” Taking gift giving to another level, the most popular arcade game for Fathers Day so far has been their Synergy game, which encapsulates style and the excitement of home gaming.

Ergonomically designed, the Synergy plays like a dream and has dubbed by experts UK-wide, as ‘by far the best sit down game on the market’. Making use of a 20″ high definition screen and being provided with over 350 licensed games, it is easy to see why this product is a favourite with the UK’s male population! Mr Georget, from the premier arcade manufacturer, added, “The Synergy arcade cabinet really is a innovative solution to home gaming, and although it has proved to be one of our most popular products this Fathers Day, we offer a whole host of gift ideas ideal for showing the man in your life how much he means to you.” For more information on the bespoke range of arcade games available from Bespoke Arcades, please visit their website.

Create Your Own Games Room

Arcade Machine PR – Bespoke Arcades Help Create Your Own Games Room

Let Us Help You Create Your Own Games Room

Since the beginning of the credit crunch many people have delayed plans to a new residence, people are looking of interesting and brilliant ways to redo their homes. A popular way to do this is by utilising excess space within the house or a storage room and converting it into a dedicated gamesroom, and Bespoke Arcades pride themselves in helping furnish that room. They are the leading provider of bespoke arcade machines. In the past games rooms were reserved for the footballers and rockstars, but they are now possible for everyone and serves as a in-house leisure room for all your entertainment needs.

You can include table football, dartboards and snooker tables in your games room; but it is incomplete without a high quality classic arcade cabinet. These amazing custom built machines come packed with features; including high quality arcade controls, high definition screens and with all the retro arcade favourites including Pac Man, Street Fighter II and Space Invaders. Those are just three of over 350 classic titles included in the cabinets.

These brilliant machines come in a variety of colours and multiple finishes ranging from wood veneer to metallic gold. There are also upright and cocktail sitdown arcade machines. The latest Evo arcade machines can play the next generation consoles through the screen and arcade controls, so now clients can play their favourite PS3 and X-Box 360 games on their very own cabinet.

With the falling property prices all across the UK, more and more people are trying to add more value to their homes and creating a games room is one such way. This enables homeowners to add extra selling points to their residence when they move in the future. The premier provider of arcade machines, Bespoke Arcades, can help you create that games room you always wanted.

World Exclusive New Arcade Cabinet

Arcade Machine PR – The Next Generation Of Gaming – Evo Arcade Machine Is Truly Unique

Introducting the Next Gen Video Gaming Arcade Machine – The Evo Arcade Machine

Bespoke Arcades are constantly striving to bring out the latest and greatest products for their clients. The latest in the video games machines is the Evo arcade cabinet which is the first arcade cabinet to bring together the game play of the yesteryear retro arcade games and the HD graphics and cutting-edge game play of the next generation games. Bespoke Arcades a proud to announce that for the first time in arcade gaming history clients can have the option to hook up their PS3 or X-Box 360 consoles to their beloved Evo arcade machine system. Enabling next gen playability puts the Evo machine on a tier of its own. The Evo arcade machine is the dream of every arcade gamer, and would fit perfectly in a home, business or the games room.

The Evo arcade cabinet comes with a massive 28″ HD 1080p widescreen monitor complete with only branded high quality components providing clients with simply brilliant gaming quality, and the pinnacle of gaming experiences. The Evo arcade machine is the latest in the line of custom-built arcade machines by the award winning arcade machine manufacturer Bespoke Arcades. The manufacturers have appeared on channels such as Sky, BBC, ITV and Channel 5.They have been voted as the “best buy product” on the Gadget Show on Channel 5. T3 have selected the Bespoke Arcades machines as the UK’s Number 1 arcade machines. They have been voted  in Top Ten Best Gaming machines by Stuff Magazine. Wayne Rooney chose them as one of his favourite toys in Loaded. And they have many more accolades under their belt.

The Evo looks great and provides high ease of use – it loads straight into the game menu where you can select the game you want and play within moments. Connecting your PS3 up is simple too, just connect up the cables and your on your way. Playing your next generation games including Street Fighter IV, Virtua Fighter 5 and Tekken Dark Resurrection through the arcade joysticks and buttons enable the client to play next gen titles in an arcade machine. As standard over 350 licensed arcade games are included, the arcade cabinets are completely compatible with other games, emulators and  educational packages.

The arcade machines designed by Bespoke Arcades are tailored to your individual desires with a plethora of additional options. Each and every arcade machine is completely customisable inside the cabinet and outside.