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Virtual pinball at its best

Ever dreamt of a room dedicated to all your favourite pinball tables? Ever imagined that it could be possible- all via your very own beautifully crafted and fully customised King-Pin virtual pinball machine?

Bespoke Arcades are proud to present a UK first- Our King-Pin virtual pinball table available to buy directly from us. Above all- our products are made by hand in the UK and assembled with all genuine pinball parts. The wide body build of the King-Pin virtual pinball table will feel especially familiar to pinball aficionados and novices alike. The King-Pin is singularly configured to embrace the wealth of official and open source virtual pinball gaming. It can be made to run all the classic tables you know and love together with a wide range of new ones.

As lovers of original pinball tables, King-Pin is not for one thing an attempt to replace any original table. That is to say it was created to provide an alternative that actually allows for a far greater scope of pinball gaming. Advances in technology have enabled virtual pinball to equal and in some ways markedly surpass the possibilities available on an original table.

The dream of fully authentic virtual pinball

has singularly now become a stunning reality. Feel all those familiar vibrations of the flippers, bumpers and slingshots. Be dazzled by the light show of RGB flashers and integrated DMD score field. Plunge the ball up the table and see it move with full tilt/nudge effects. Take it to a new world and beyond with 3D tracking providing amazing playfield depth. In short- you are guaranteed to be amazed by the effects that you will see, hear and feel from our King-Pin!

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In turn can be made to run the following Virtual Pinball software:

compatible virtual pinball software

king-pin virtual pinball cabinet

King-Pin Virtual Pinball Machine:

King-Pin Virtual Pinball machine allows you to fully customise your machine

Custom Livery

Legs, side rails, hinges, lock-down bar in metallic or colour coated.

Custom Graphics

Logos or not, set graphics or have one created just for you.

Custom Finish

Satin or high gloss in any RAL colour. Wood veneer also available.

RGB Lightshow Kit
5 RGB lamps with LED controller create a particularly amazing array of light effects
Full Vibration Kit
The next generation of Force Feedback. Designed in particular to mimic the real thing
Nudge/Tilt functions
Move the ball with a nudge, to the left, right up and down
PC Power Upgrade
Enhanced PC power to allow even better and in turn more advanced pinball action
Sound System Upgrade
Upgrade the good 2.1 speakers to the particularly amazing, high quality BOSE sound
Real Plunger Upgrade
A real digital plunger to markedly enhance your experience. Available as an upgrade
3D Upgrade Kit
Immerse yourself beyond reality via 3D tracking with no glasses. Available as an upgrade

King-Pin virtual pinball cabinet from top left

King-Pin EX Virtual Pinball machine: 

All your favourite virtual pinball tables on one amazing King-Pin

The King-Pin is chiefly set up to allow you to play a whole host of virtual pinball tables. To begin with- you are free to play the full range of Pinball Arcade tables. We provide all clients with a dedicated Steam account and gift card coupled with their King-Pin which allows for these as well as any future releases to be bought.

These include many classics for instance- Twilight Zone™, Monster Bash™, Medieval Madness™, The Addams Family® and Attack from Mars™ to name but a few.

Above all- let’s not forget with our King-Pin you also have the world of pinball emulation at your fingertips. Both Visual Pinball and Future Pinball can be made to simultaneously run on your King-Pin. This allows for a whole world of both original and new virtual pinball tables to be played next at the touch of a button. Besides, with these programs- you can even create your own tables so the fun will never stop!

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