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Why Choose Bespoke Arcades

Thanks to the real quality of our products and our exceptional capabilities in designing, producing and delivering project goals, we are fortunate to work alongside a large number of high profile companies to produce custom game machines. We have worked with the best in the games industry that include Capcom, Warner Bros and 2K Games as well as many more to give them something really special to aid the promotion of upcoming games. We have also worked on projects with many high-profile companies that include Google, Credit Suisse and MSN as well as organisations such as NASA and the Royal Armouries. We have set up A-Game Interactive as the arm of Page Global that deals with all our custom projects so please get in touch if you have a particular project in mind.

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A brief look at some of the past projects we have worked on…

previous machines

Client: Warner Bros/Multiplay

Brief Description: We were very pleased to be asked to work alongside Multiplay to produce 12 custom Injustice: Gods Among Us Nu-Gen arcade machines for Warner Bros and Sony for the launch of the game in 2013. The Nu-Gen arcade machines were made bespoke to their exact chosen spec and used on the promotional tours for the game throughout Europe in the run-up to release as well as having been an ever-present at many gaming events in the UK and further afield since. These arcade machines looked absolutely terrific and we had a hand in customising the graphics to make them fit so well to the cabinets – a job to be proud of for sure!

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Injustice nu-gen

Client: Capcom

Brief Description: As we produce some excellent machines (even if we do say so ourselves!), we have been fortunate to work with Capcom on numerous occasions for game promotions and events. We have worked closely with them by providing them with our cabinets to run games on at many exhibitions and events across Europe. We also produced a number of custom Evo arcade cabinets for the promotion of their Capcom Arcade Cabinet game that was launched recently – a photo of which can be seen on the right. We are very proud of our continued work with one of the greats of the arcade game industry and have built up a very solid relationship so watch this space for more developments!

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capcom arcade cabinet

Client: Warner Bros

Brief Description: We were sourced by Amplify on behalf of Warner Bros to produce a large number of arcade machines for the launch of Mortal Kombat 9. These one of a kind Mortal Kombat arcade machines were loved by all who saw and got to play on them. They were designed as a one-off collection to be given away to the best players in the world via a worldwide tournament run during the launch of the game. We have kept in touch with some of the winners and they even come to do testing for us whilst running game nights at our workshop. What great kudos to have some of the best arcade game players loving your cabinets so much that they travel from far and wide just to play on them!

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mortal kombat 9 evo

Client: 2K Games

Brief Description: Thanks to us buidling up our exclusive reputation we were employed by 2K Games to produce a large number of custom pods to use in the promotion of their XCOM: Enemy Unknown game title. These back-to-back pods were custom built to spec and had an incredible control panel designed by the creator of the game himself and made a reality by our great team. These XCOM arcade machines were the talk of every show and anyone who had a go was taken in by the design as well as the amazing interface. Firaxis requested that an extra one be made and sent directly to their studio in the US where they raved about it on social media for days. Another great project to be involved with…

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x-com custom cabinet