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Apex Elite Arcade Machine

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The Bespoke Arcades Apex Elite arcade machine is quite simply the best of the best in terms of all the specifications available. It must be tried to be believed...

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Arcade Machine Type: Stand-Up, Upright, Multigame

Number Of Games: Access to Over 10,000 Classic Arcade and Console Games

Games Type: Mixed - Add your own Arcade Games, Console Games + Emulators

Additional Features: Media Jukebox, Windows 10, Multimedia, External USB Ports, Blu-Ray RW Drive, HDMI out

 Truly perfect design and great functionality...

A most graceful and elegant cabinet, the Apex is the most coveted arcade machine available.  Meticulously redesigned from our original patented 2008 model, the Apex arcade machine attained the accolade as the sole victor of The Gadget Show's Focus group test, attaining 75% of all votes as well as winning T3 magazine's group test. With our dedicated first class delivery service, you will see the meticulous hand-crafted finish which goes into each machine as you unwrap your Bespoke Arcades cabinet.

Simply unwrap it and get gaming

A Bespoke Arcades Apex cabinet is provided with a wealth of arcade games. The list of games spans the golden age of arcade gaming and includes the titles which put the (then) new genre on the map. The most famous titles are there to put a smile on your face and is a perfect starting block for you to build your ideal retro gaming collection.

Why not start off with Eugene Jarvis' Robotron: 2084- this game was widely praised for its intense action and gameplay. You take the role of an un-named super human character, whose aim is to save the human race (as per usual). A fantastic game which utilises both joysticks in order to allow the player to move in 1 direction while shooting in another.

Alpine Ski Arcade Game     Battlezone Arcade Game     Bosconian Arcade Game                                                                                          Centipede Arcade Game     Phoenix Arcade Game     Asteroids Arcade Game

Why dont we jump back into the heady year of 1983 and drive an armed sportscar on the freewaysof Bally Midway's Spy Hunter. Shove people off the road, or perhaps you feel like some asteroid dodging? Asteroids and Asteroids Deluxe are supplied with your machines.

Classic Vertical Arcade Games

Or maybe you feel like playing Capcom's first hallmark game? Then take to the skies in your Super ace place and take down the fleet of an entire nation in 1942. Also included in the game's sequel 1943: The Battle of Midway, where the game mechanic changes somewhat with the arrival of an ever depleting fuel supply. It is still a classic title nonetheless.

Most people have one or two favourite games from their youth. However you can bet those games are included when you turn on the machine. All innovative titles for their time, such as the adventures that are told in Sega's Golden Axe. If you don't feel like slaying Death Adder and his minions, why not embark on a hack and slashing quest to slay a Dragon in Rastan. Classics titles come as standard on this arcade machine.

Retro Arcade Games

If you feel like some close quarter combat, then look no further than a Bespoke Arcades machine. All the classics are provided. From Streetfighter 1- the 1987 game which started it all, to the quintessential 1991 title Streetfighter 2 which brought about a boom in arcade releases attempting to build upon the foundations of this top-notch title. They are all here for you to duke it out to your heart's content.

Street Fighter 1 Retro Arcade Game     Street Fighter 2 Classic Arcade Game    Violence Fight Retro Arcade Game                                                          Mortal Kombat Classic Arcade Game     Mortal Kombat 2 Classic Arcade Fighting Game     Mortal Kombat 3 Retro Classic

There are times when you want to play the games with your friends above, and there are moments when you want to share your new purchase with the rest of your family- there are plenty of suitable, quality games.

It is said some parents relive their youth via their children, time for them to take a step back into your childhood via the videogaming classics you hold closest to your heart.

Cameltry Arcade Game     Columns Arcade Game     The Fairyland  Story Arcade Game                                                            Dr Robotniks Mean Bean Machine Arcade Game     Rainbow Islands Arcade Game     Klax Classic Arcade Game

It comes with the best games to get you started

But you just don’t wish to admire the Apex from afar- You want to play on it.  The Bespoke Arcades Apex Elitecabinet arrives with the best retro games to lift all players in the 1970s, 80s and 90s timewarp as you can see from the titles above.

All the major videogame manufacturers' classics are here with thousands more available online via Windows compatible software. With Windows' easy to use graphical user interface running the Apex Elite, you can put the latest games on your arcade cabinet yourself, or alternatively, all titles can be preinstalled and configured via arcade accessories section prior to shipping. See what the benefits of gaming on an Elite system are further on down the page.

The Apex Elite cabinet, like all our other models, Bespoke Arcades goes above and beyond the call of duty to give you what you truly desire.

Street Fighter X Tekken Arcade     Virtua Tennis 4 Arcade     R-Type Dimensions Arcade Game     Street Fighter 4 Arcade Edition Game     Pac Man DX Arcade Machine

Any game from any era

All machines are compatible with all emulators available on the internet. With a few simple clicks you can build a formidable collection of your favourite games. No need to dig out your old console and try and tune in an rf signal. Now you can have a well ordered system and not visit cable-hell.

Atari 2600 Retro Games     NES Retro Classic Games     Sega Master System Classic Games     Sega Megadrive Classic Games     SNES Classic Games                                                                                      Nintendo 64 on Arcade Machine     Gamecube retro arcade     Sega Saturn Retro Games     Dreamcast Classic Games     Playstation Games on Arcade Machine

Loud and Proud

The Apex machine also doubles up as a multimedia jukebox. Simply add any format of music or video and enjoy.

You can also add a music streaming system of your choice. Sonos and Apple's Airplay devices are also compatible with Bespoke Arcades Media and Elite systems. Coupled with the great sound provided by the Elite's Bose speakers, you will be hard pushed to find a better and as versatile a multimedia center as an Apex Elite.

Literally all media you would choose to add can be selective via your joystick with out custom user interface. Our arcades are a joy to control. You can also add a music streaming system of your choice. Sonos and Apple's Airplay devices are also compatible with Bespoke Arcades Media and Elite systems.

More fun than a fairground

At Bespoke Arcades, we have a wealth of upgrades depending on what you are after. One of the most popular requests is a pair of these fine light guns. Modelled on Namco's G45, this versatile little number is compatible with virtually all games available and is a must have for all shooting fans.

The lightgun, like all Bespoke Arcades peripherals can befined-tuned to maximise the gameplaying experience and allow you to play particular titles of yester year with absolute authenticity.

If you're a fan of the hyper-sensitive spinner, then we can supply you with a genuine arcade spinner so now you can play Arkanoid as it was meant to be played!

Far beyond the simple one-game arcade machines...

The Apex features an open architecture allowing you to access all elements of the powerful system inside. All Bespoke Arcades Media and Elite arcade machines feature an easy access Blu-Ray Writer and Ultra-Fast USB 3.0 ports. This allows you to add and interface usb connected media. The entire powerhouse inside the Apex Elite is yours to access effortlessly via the discreet ports at the lower half of the front of the machine.

A full arcade media centre at your fingertips...

The Apex Elite is custom built to perform any combination of gaming you desire. But with the year's current hardware inside- you can do so much more. Play a Blu-Ray onto your HDTV, use it as a downloading station- you can treat the arcade machine as your primary computer should the need arise. Yo are also supplied with a Bluetootth palm sized keyboard and mouse- perfect for effortless navigation.

Clean up your older console pads...

Time to venture into the attic and dig out those old controllers. Bespoke Arcades are the only company which offers you compatibility with your favourite generation of controllers. Let us know and we can outfit your arcade machine with the 80's or 90's joypad ports of your choice.

Colours to suit all tastes..

When it comes to the extrerior finish of your arcade machine- the only limitation is the lack of imagination. You can give us any colour code, send us any sample or veneer an we will have your Bespoke Arcades machine tailor-made to your exact specification, from scratch- using traditional woodworking methods and laser-guided CNC cutting.

Bose Speakers in Arcade MachineUltimate Audio Fidelity With Bose

There are no comprimises when it comes to an Elite syatem and the Apex Elite is no different. All audio aspects are controlled by a Bose system directly integrated into your Bose arcade cabinet. Your arcade machine is a more capable sound system than most high-end Hi-Fis.

Intel Core i5 Arcade MachineMore Horsepower than a Dragster

An Elite arcade machine has the muscle to run any game you throw at it. The gaming spec rig inside can run yesterday's classics and today's blockbusters with ease. Coupled with the graphics card below you can run Xbox One quality graphics.

Nvidia in Arcade MachineCutting Edge Graphics

We make sure all Elite arcade machines can play all games with all the settings turned to ultra( or 11 ;) and games are a joy to behold. All emulators you install will be at a smooth frame rate of 60fps and in the highest definition possible. The future is here with an Elite arcade machine.

 HDMI Arcade MachineHDMI In, HDMI Out, HDMI All About...

Why not play your PC games on your High Definition TV? An Elite arcade machine can effortlessly switch between an external screen by simply pluging the HDMI lead into the rear of the arcade machine and instant 1080p gratification!

Arcade Machine Xbox 360 ControllerFeel Like An FPS, Then Plug In a Pad

The last piece of the puzzle is how to play the latest pc games? Simply plug in an Xbox 360 pad and you are instantly ready to go. All current games work natively with this controller and it's as simple as using today's consoles.

  • Wide-View Angle 20'' HD TFT Monitor
  • i7 Quad-Core Intel based PC system with GTX Graphics, 1TB and 3TB HD's & 8GB RAM
  • Gaming System with Access to over 10,000 Retro Games
  • 4 x External USB ports for MP3/Digital Camera/Device Access
  • Speaker In/Out for Headphones/ Hi-Fi connection
  • Easy Front Access Built-In Blu-Ray Writer
  • Logitech Di-Novo Mini Wireless Keyboard/Mouse
  • Microsoft® Windows 10 Home Edition
  • Wireless Internet Card for Downloading/Surfing/Streaming
  • Beautiful Design with Black and Chrome Finish (or your choice of others)
  • Reinforced Precision-Cut Glass Top
  • Happ Black Buttons and Joystick as standard (or choice of other options)
  • BA Arcade Illuminated Fan Cooling System
  • BA Custom Game Selection Menu
  • Excellent 2.1 Woofer Sound System with Adjustable Volume
  • Unlimited First Rate Client Support
  • Full 12 Months Parts/Labour Warranty (with 1st 3 Months on Site)

For shipping, warranty, ordering and all other questions, please see our FAQ's section. For more information on this arcade machine please click here.

NB - All trademarks, trade names, logos or service marks mentioned on this site belong to their respective owners. Unless we otherwise specifically indicate, we have no affiliation with any games companies mentioned on our site.  


All the Bespoke Arcades products come with a full 12 month warranty, with the first 3 months on site in the unlikely event that a problem develops. Thanks to this, you can rest assured that you will be enjoying your new arcade machine for many years to come.

Every Game Time machine is backed by a 12 month back-to-base warranty with parts and labour included. All games are included as free with this system. Any coin mechanism provided is to be used at the customer's discretion.


Delivery is usually within 4-6 weeks from order. These machines are currently on promo. With pallet delivery, we advise to have at least 2 able-bodied people to unpack and position cabinet at your location when receiving delivery. Overseas or 2-man delivery is available for an additional charge.

Apex Media

Data sheet

56 cm / 22 inches
165 cm / 65 inches
64 cm / 25 inches
80 kg / 176 lbs


Bespoke Arcades Set Games List

Please download this document to see our full list of set games. To see all the games available on the Retro Cloud™ online games player, please download the next document.

Download (466.82k)

Atari 2600 Games List

Please download this document to see our full list of set games.

Download (257.6k)

Master System Games List

Please download this document to see our full list of set games.

Download (222.67k)

NES Games List

Please download this document to see our full list of set games.

Download (389.84k)

SNES Games List

Please download this document to see our full list of set games.

Download (433.03k)

Mega Drive Games List

Please download this document to see our full list of set games.

Download (302.89k)

PC Engine Games List

Please download this document to see our full list of set games.

Download (217.48k)

May 24, 2018
Exceptional service
Moved my order forward so we could get delivery in time for my son's birthday.

May 18, 2017
Amazing Machine!
I’m one of the guys who thought he could save money by buying a cheaper alternative. After 3 months of hell trying to get my money back, I decided to try again with Bespoke Arcades. So glad I did and I’m now the very proud owner of an Apex machine. Buy the best and learn from me so you only buy once!
Michael Turner

Oct 4, 2016
Really enjoying the product and playing through all my favourite games again!

Aug 8, 2016
Five Stars
We would highly recommend Bespoke Arcades to anyone looking to buy an arcade machine! Very helpful after sales service as gave us a virtual tour of the arcade to answer our questions.

Feb 26, 2016
Very Happy Customer
Very happy with the Apex.
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