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Street Fighter 2, if you’re a certain age it’s an arcade game that you will almost certainly remember seeing for the first time. And so released in 1991, it pretty much single-handedly created a brand new one-on-one fighting genre. In addition to to the new control system with an unprecedented 6 action buttons, Street Fighter 2 spawned a whole new franchise. Namely involving 2 players effectively playing tic-tac-toe with each other, a battle of tactical ensues complemented by an array of special moves.

These days, fully dedicated Street Fighter 2 machines are almost impossible to source. This is due mainly to the fact that the arcade PCB was usually installed into generic JAMMA cabinet. For the most part unfortunately they didn’t last the test of time.  But no need to worry, SF2 (and its many variants) can be played on most of our multi-game arcade cabinets. Along with 100s of other great titles so when buying one of our machines you can be sure to get your SF2 fix – PERFECT!

street fighter 2 arcade champion edition poster

All Bespoke Arcades machines come with Street Fighter 2 arcade. So which machine suits you best?

 Bespoke Arcades Premium Machines

The Synergy

synergy arcade machine in white and black

The ultimate tabletop arcade with full screen 2-pl side-by-side and end-to-end arcade gaming. Looks great in any living space or foyer.

From £1995

The Apex

The best compact stand-up arcade with classic square 20″ screen and full 2-pl arcade action.  Fits snuggly anywhere you see fit.

From £1995

The Evo

The finest larger stand-up arcade with 28″ wide screen giving the best of classic and modern gaming. The true arcade king of any room. 

From £2595

The Nu-Gen

The leading modern-style arcade with 32″ widescreen used by the finest fight game franchises in the world. A true arcade wonder.

From £3795

By 1993, the franchise had earnt Capcom $1.5 billion. By 2017, it was $10 billion thanks to over 14 million console copies sold worldwide


 GT Arcade Commercial-Grade Machines

GT Arcade Coffee Table

The arcade machine which fits in any living space. It’s low and fully functional with a choice of games. All made by us in the U.K

From £995

GT Arcade Cocktail Cabinet

This is a full size cocktail- style arcade machine with timeless design and is perfect for a spare corner in your living space.

From £995

GT Arcade 3-Sided Cocktail Cabinet

The 3-sided version of our cocktail. The most affordable solution for allowing you to play the best console games from yesteryear.  

From £1395

GT Arcade Standup Arcade Machine

A fully fledged standup arcade machine which is versatile choice for any arcade enthusiast. Tailor made to your liking.

From £995

capcom cps-1 logo

In short, Street Fighter 2 became the biggest hit in not only the arcades but across the home console arena. The killer game made parents cry when in 1991 they were pestered into shelling out £120. Equivalent to over £250 in 2019, this was for the Super Nintendo title alone. However we witnessed a near perfect conversion which complemented the release of the SNES console admirably.

At the time, Final Fight had commercial success in the United States. And so Capcom were reluctant to work on the concept with only 35-40 developers on board. The project took 2 years to complete.

With attention to the resolution of 384 x 224- Capcom squeezed the most out of the CPS-1 hardware. Especially revolutionary for the time. Coupled with cost cutting measures – each CPS-1 game mounts on a system board which is cross compatible with other CPS-1 titles.

In particular, notable classic Capcom titles on the CPS-1 board includes the likes of Strider, Forgotten Worlds, Mercs, Ghouls ‘n Ghosts and U.N Squadron. 

We made some arcade machines for Capcom back in 2013

Other classic Capcom titles on the CPS-1 board includes the likes of:

Subsequently the Street Fighter 2 arcade machine had many firsts including adding perspective on the floor. For the time being, most games of the time had only 2 or 3 layers of scrolling. The sprites were huge and balletic. Particularly new was the ability to string together special moves and combos (which was discovered by accident apparently).

There was another first- the need for a “Kick Harness”. JAMMA- (a wiring configuration allowing game boards to be swapped around. Therefore this new standard allowed the arcade boards to act like large game cartridges. The standard JAMMA connector only came with 4 fire buttons, so another 2 had to be added.

Subsequently Capcom entered the home living room market off the back of Street Fighter 2 arcade machine’s success. So they therefore released the CPS Changer system. Basically a “Supergun” (a system to run JAMMA boards). Incidentally, Super Nintendo pads were also compatible. Together with the pad compatibility, they manufactured their own 6 button joystick (one of which we have in a display cabinet in our showroom!)..

street fighter 2 arcade Capcom CPS changer system

Every single character in the Street Fighter 2 arcade roster is a winner with their playable style, benefits and flaws. Thereby now ingrained in popular culture.

The Original 8 Street Fighter 2 Arcade Characters

ryu street fighter 2 arcadeAs a rule- the most recognisable character in Street Fighter 2. Characterised by his bare feet and sleeveless white karate uniform.

ken street fighter 2 arcadeTogether with Ryu, Ken Masters was the 2nd playable character in the original Street Fighter arcade. Subsequently trained under the same master. To summarize,  he’s Ryu’s clone but became his own distinct character as time went on.

e-honda street fighter 2 arcadeAt first he was originally named “Sumo” and crowned Yokozuna. He’s famous for his crushing “hundred hand slap”. Later, his moves were tweaked in Super Street Fighter 2 and Hyper Fighting.

chun-li street fighter 2 arcadeThe only female character in the original roster. What she lacked in strength, she certainly made up for with her lightning speed in moving, hitting and of course kicking.

blanka street fighter 2 arcadeThe green jungle beast was originally Jimmy, however was involved in a plane accident. Therefore he was added to the character list as an all human roster was thought to be a bit boring.

zangief street fighter 2 arcadeOriginally monikered “Vodka Gobalsky and trained by wrestling Polar Bears”, Zangief is unique within the original 8 in the way he has no projectile moves, relying on close quarters wrestling.

Guile street fighter 2 arcadeGuile enters the competition so he can avenge his pal Charlie. In essence he is a defensive character with one of the best “zoning” characteristics – being able to keep a distance and control the play.

Dhalsim street fighter 2 arcadeA pacifist fighting to raise funds for his village. Conversely, he has perhaps the most fantastical abilities out of the playable characters. Teleportation and telescopic limbs make for a highly interesting experience.

The Bosses